A checklist for turning any change into a powerful ritual

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Deciding it’s time to make a change and deciding you are going to make that change, are both sometimes a lot easier than actually following through on that new behavior – especially when life gets hectic or throws you a curve ball (which is guaranteed to happen). Anything new isn’t automatic – and it doesn’t … Read More

4 Ways you can use your thoughts to get better results

4 Ways You Can Use Your Thoughts to Get Better Results

Your thinking shapes the choices you make, the places you focus your attention, and what you do with your time, energy, feelings, and needs. Simple changes can dramatically impact your results – and your happiness. Here are 4 ways you can use your thoughts to get better results: 1.    Own them. You are responsible for … Read More

Why smart, busy women overeat (the BEAST cycle)

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In yesterday’s free training, I shared my Where Thin Begins framework for breaking out of vicious cycles and stuck spots with overeating and weight. Breaking free from these cycles begins by understanding that they are caused by important factors that have nothing to do with food – but everything to do with why you’re overeating … Read More

Why setting goals might sabotage you

Why setting goals might sabotage you

How many weight loss goals have you set and never achieved? You’re not alone. I’ve done a lot of training and coaching on goal setting, and I can attest that nothing drains the energy from a room full of smart women faster, than asking them to set some goals around their weight, stress, or their … Read More