Could this reduce your overeating by half?

reduce overeating by half

Overeating that is based on pleasure, is one thing. Unfortunately, it’s likely that many of the extra calories you eat are calories you don’t really savor, enjoy, or even feel good about. Did you know that your thinking can motivate you to overeat? In fact, there is one mindset that high achievers fall prey to … Read More

How to stop overeating at night

If you’re like many smart, busy women, you may find that overeating at night is one of your biggest challenges.  Many women struggle with overeating, emotional eating, and bingeing in the evening after working so hard to stay on track all day. For many women, evening is the time that is theirs. When everything is done and everyone else … Read More

Crushing Perfectionism and Your Inner Critic


An interview with Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled with perfectionism or felt like your efforts have been “ruined” because you didn’t follow through exactly the way you’d planned. All or nothing thinking (also known as perfectionism) is a trap for many smart, busy women and in this interview with psychologist … Read More