Is weighing yourself, weighing you down?

Is weighing yourself, weighing you down?

What’s your relationship with the scale like? How much power do you give it? How often are you weighing yourself? And – if I may be so bold – why do you weigh yourself at all? Here’s why I’m asking. A scale is a tool that gives you information. It’s data, and like all data, … Read More

Could this one word help you stop overeating?


If you aren’t using this word all the time, you may be gaining weight People talk about stress eating, emotional eating, and comfort eating. But there is a kind of overeating that a lot of busy women resort to, that you might not be so familiar with. Overeating because you didn’t say no. I’m not … Read More

10 easy ways to feed your soul this week


Fitting in me-time is a challenge for busy women. So is finding the time and energy to do the things that feed your soul, revitalize, and nourish you. Lots of very smart women feel stumped about how to reward themselves or add a bit of comfort to their lives – in a way that won’t … Read More