3 Sneaky Ways to Make More Time for Yourself

sneaky time for yourself

We all know that a little self-care goes a long way and that a slathering of me-time can be just the thing that allows us to show up fueled, inspired, and at our best. Problem is, when time is a hot commodity, time for yourself can be hard to fit in. Stress and overwhelm limit … Read More

Productivity may be wasting your time


I just got back from four days of focusing on high performance and the techniques, strategies, and mindsets that help high performers succeed, thrive, get more done, and feel more joy. As you can probably imagine, I’m pretty energized. I’m so excited about the new ideas and information I’m already using in my own life … Read More



A few days ago a friend forwarded this video on to me from Youtube. It was posted by the Silver Grey Sports Club. I’m not a big video watcher, but if you want inspiration, this is it! Long story short, it’s so easy to make excuses, or to tell ourselves what we want to do … Read More

Tackling the F-word (it’s not food)

feel not do

You can’t pay attention to what you aren’t looking at. This creates a lot of unnecessary stress and exhaustion for busy high-achievers. If you’re stuck on a bit of a hamster wheel with overload, overwhelm, or overeating, it’s probably because your focus is in the wrong direction. See, if you are known for your productivity … Read More