How to turn your self-saboteur into your secret weapon

Does your self-saboteur show up when you start something new? Last week was the first live workshop for Where Thin Begins. Women from all over the world gathered in our virtual meeting room to carve out their path to lasting change and a life that actually feeds and nourishes their goals. I don’t know about you, … Read More

Self-care when you’re not in the mood

How to take great care of yourself when you don’t really want to I’m a work in progress. Even though I know, teach, and preach the fundamental essentialness of self-care, I’m far from perfect at it. I know that it’s what primes me to live my best life and show up to the toughest situations … Read More

The physical, emotional, and weight loss benefits of laughter

Have you ever considered the actions that have created the greatest long term results in your life? I’m continually amazed by how certain small things, done consistently, can create enormous impact. Sometimes, incorporating a single daily action – one that takes minutes, can lead to a cascading domino effect of positive results. Even better is … Read More

How I stop the momentum of overwhelm from derailing my day

This morning I sat down at my desk and felt completely overwhelmed. Does this ever happen to you? It’s been a strange week, and today I woke up feeling “behind” and like I had 150 things that either needed to be done, needed to be improved, or needed to be scheduled. My mind felt unsettled … Read More