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When you aren’t getting the results that you want, you basically have two choices for creating success. You can try working harder or you can shift what you are doing and try to get the results you crave using a different approach.

Most of the women I work with have burnt out on the trying harder approach. In fact, there are almost always some very important reasons that that approach is never going to create the success they desire.

Doing it differently is an option with two sides. On the one hand, doing it differently can get you unstuck and moving forward – often more easily than you think (if you have chosen a strategic approach that’s a good fit for you). On the other hand, doing it differently is, well…doing it differently. And we all know how challenging it can be to create new ways of thinking, new habits, and new responses to old behaviors.

If you’d like to learn more about doing it differently and how to start thinking about that smart new approach, make sure you’ve registered for my no-cost webinar tomorrow, because this is exactly what I’ll be covering.

When you commit to doing it differently and finding a smart, strategic approach that fits you and your life, one of the most powerful tools you can add is ongoing work with a coach who knows the ropes, is invested in helping you achieve your goal, and who has expertise in breaking out of ruts and doing it differently.

That force in your corner, that voice that helps you see your progress as well as where you are getting off track and reminds you it’s normal to feel awkward because you’re doing something new. That person that won’t tolerate a slide into perfectionism or guilt or shame paralysis and who knows you are capable of so much more. That person who helps you belief that you can do this thing (and helps you figure out the steps to making it happen). I don’t know anything more powerful than connecting with a mentor or a coach who can help you in this way.

Tomorrow, we are formally opening enrollment to my small, private group coaching program, Where Thin Begins. Limited to just 15 women, we’ll be working together for the next 3 months to take the power back from food, overeating, and overwhelm. I’ll be sharing all the details at my webinar tomorrow where I’ll also be covering:

  • Why overeating is not about food
  • How to move out of frustration, guilt, or self-blame and get into action – EFFECTIVE action
  • The quickest way to pinpoint what you need to take the power back and create success

Join me and you’ll be taking action during the event.

I hope you’ll join me on this no-cost training call tomorrow. If you’ve already RSVP’d, you’ll be getting an email with everything you need to attend.

>>>If you haven’t yet signed up, just go here to RSVP and reserve your spot.

I hope to “see” you on the call tomorrow!
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How to find the weight loss plan you can stick with

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The Journal of the American Medical Association just published the results of an analysis of what worked best for 7,286 people trying to lose weight. The researchers conclude that the differences between different weight loss plans were so small that the best weight loss approach boils down to the one that you will stick with.

Being able to stick with a new way of eating, create and maintain habits that will last, and do the things you need to do to make changes happen can feel awfully difficult. I’m willing to bet that most of you reading this could quickly sketch out a plan that would cause you to lose your extra weight – if you could stick with the plan.

The problem – the issue that the industry doesn’t address – is that implementing weight loss plans and making lasting changes with overeating is complicated by just about everything that goes on in the rest of your life.

You’re busy (unhealthy eating is fast and easy)

You’re stressed (stress eating anyone?)

You’re tired (it’s hard to DO the new habits, cook the healthy meals, take care of yourself in other ways than food)

You already have A LOT on your plate. And food can be a very convenient way to squeeze in a little reward, comfort yourself, or even quiet your busy mind.

You might even be mad or frustrated with yourself and I don’t have to tell you that this alone can drive a girl to eat too much chocolate.

Making changes that are going to last requires being able to step back from all of this, craft a different approach (one that fits in your life), and take those hardest, first action steps to get yourself moving (and motivated) on your new path.

That’s how you get a plan you will stick with – a plan that lead to real weight loss.

Too often people (including the experts) make weight loss harder than it needs to be by ignoring all these challenges and instead, diving right into making food and fitness changes. When you do this, you’ve usually set yourself up to fail before you start.

The key to truly taking control of overeating is to turn the usual approach upside down. Instead of beginning by taking control of food, start by figuring out WHY food has control of you.

What are the hidden hungers that you are using food to feed?

How does overeating help you cope, make life easier, or keep things moving in your life?

Getting these answers, and the tools and strategies to do things differently is the best first step you can take if you are serious about leaving your struggles behind forever. THEN you’ll be able to take that weight loss plan and make it work for YOU.

I’m sharing much more information about this – including the process you can use right now to start digging up the answers and the specific strategies that will fit you in my upcoming, no-cost webinar. Have you registered yet? Go here now to reserve your spot.

Take good care,