Why you shouldn’t start over

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We all know that moment when it feels like it’s time to crumple everything up, trash it. And start over again fresh. It happens with broken resolutions, diets that get off track, and craft projects that go terribly wrong. If you’ve got even a wee bit of perfectionism, one bad move (or even a series … Read More

Confession – the mistake I make over and over

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I make a lot of mistakes, but when I look back over time, I see one consistent type of mistake that I’ve made over and over and over again. I’ve seen it so often in my clients that I’ve come to think of it as “the smart woman’s mistake” because we seem so incredibly vulnerable … Read More

When it helps to ignore the obvious


Earlier this week, I shared a free training with you where I talked about why sometimes the best approach is to ignore the obvious. I gave you a new model for how to take the power back from food – that has much less to do with food than you might think. If you missed … Read More

Registration for Where Thin Begins is Now Open!


Every successful woman knows that lasting change comes from habits you can stick with and that life is too short and too sweet to spend it trying to force things by willpower alone. Overeating is NOT about food, it’s about the multitude of forces in your complicated life that can make food so darn compelling … Read More