How to stop cravings instead of fighting them

Would you rather fight cravings or stop them?

If you feel frustrated because you haven’t successfully changed your overeating and your weight, pushing yourself harder isn’t likely to help. It’s definitely not going to help if the plan you are trying to force isn’t a solution that fits you and your life. Too many smart, busy women are banging their heads against the … Read More

You’ve been weighing yourself all wrong …

How to start weighing what really matters

How to start weighing what really matters. If nutrition advice was enough, wouldn’t we all be feeling fabulous in our healthy, svelte, bodies? You and I both know that planning what to eat is only a small part of the equation that creates lasting success, health, and comfortably fitting jeans. And as the research on … Read More

Is weighing yourself, weighing you down?

Is weighing yourself, weighing you down?

What’s your relationship with the scale like? How much power do you give it? How often are you weighing yourself? And – if I may be so bold – why do you weigh yourself at all? Here’s why I’m asking. A scale is a tool that gives you information. It’s data, and like all data, … Read More

Could this one word help you stop overeating?


If you aren’t using this word all the time, you may be gaining weight People talk about stress eating, emotional eating, and comfort eating. But there is a kind of overeating that a lot of busy women resort to, that you might not be so familiar with. Overeating because you didn’t say no. I’m not … Read More