How to reset when life feels crazy

It’s a stressful time. In the midst of emotions, conflict, worries – and the pressure and responsibilities of daily life – many of us are finding it a challenge to stay grounded and to balance our caring and our strong feelings with the self-care and peacefulness that allows us to function at our best. There’s … Read More

A low stress way to eat less

What would you say if I told you there’s a strategy that can cut overeating in half – or maybe even more? It’s simple: If you want to get off the overeating hamster wheel, you have to ditch the all or nothing thinking. All or nothing thinking is when you tell yourself that you have … Read More

Nine smart ways to short-circuit stress eating

When you’re stressed or overloaded, you don’t have a lot of extra time or energy. That’s one reason why stress eating is so seductive and challenging to avoid. Here are nine simple things you can do to prevent yourself from heading to the kitchen when stress and overwhelm hit. Nine ways to prevent stress eating: … Read More

Two strategies to make holiday eating work for you

Welcome to the season of holiday eating. It’s a time of treats, memory and emotional-laden indulgences, and once-a-year temptations. The candy dishes and cookie trays and holiday parties are everywhere until January (when the world becomes obsessed with controlling your weight and selling you success with not eating). Are you wondering how to enjoy holiday … Read More

A guide to the best planners for smart, busy women

My review of the best planners for 2017   My name is Melissa McCreery, and I have a bit of a planner addiction. I love researching the best planners, calendars, and tools that help with productivity, focus, and staying on track. Like most smart, busy women, I have a lot of big ideas and some big … Read More