If you are looking for a different approach…


When you aren’t getting the results that you want, you basically have two choices for creating success. You can try working harder or you can shift what you are doing and try to get the results you crave using a different approach. Most of the women I work with have burnt out on the trying … Read More

How to find the weight loss plan you can stick with

The Journal of the American Medical Association just published the results of an analysis of what worked best for 7,286 people trying to lose weight. The researchers conclude that the differences between different weight loss plans were so small that the best weight loss approach boils down to the one that you will stick with. … Read More

Overeating Has Nothing to Do with Food…

diets dont work

Overeating, or eating in a way that isn’t helping you achieve your goals isn’t about food. And yet, when you decide it’s time to lose weight, it’s tempting to start the process by focusing on what, when, and how much you are going to eat. Unfortunately, this leaves out the most essential issue. Before you … Read More

Is Perfectionism Secretly Sabotaging You?

6 Signs of Perfectionism

Did you know that you can be a perfectionist and not even realize it? In fact is pretty common among the high-achievers that I work with, and it can be a major cause of self-sabotage, overeating and emotional eating. Perfectionism can be sneaky. Perfection is rarely an attainable standard, so perfectionists hardly ever feel like … Read More