Four ways to rejuvenate even when you’re busy

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Did you roll out of bed feeling fabulous, nourished, and well-cared for this morning? Is your energy high and are you on fire about what you’re going to accomplish? Did you show up today as your best version of yourself, feeling in charge of your game? If so, I am so happy for you and … Read More

Taking back your power with hormones and weight


Are hormones affecting your weight, your eating, or your appetite? Your hormones are fundamental to who you are, how you feel, your energy, your metabolism, your hunger levels, your sexuality – and so much more. The relationship between hormones and weight is complex – and for many smart, busy women – it can be frustrating. … Read More

How to stop overeating when it feels like you can’t

How to stop overeating when it feels like you can't

Have you ever felt like your eating was out of control, but figuring out how to stop overeating was impossible? If you’ve been overeating and putting on weight, the cycle of weight gain and frustration with yourself, combined with the reasons you’ve been more driven toward food in the first place, can sometimes feel like … Read More