How to Avoid Stress Eating Using this 3-Pronged Approach

approach to stop stress eating

Do you struggle with stress eating? It’s sneaky – in fact, it’s the kind of emotional eating that can sneak up on you and happen almost on autopilot when you are overwhelmed or have too much on your plate. Instead of feeling frustrated with yourself after the fact, try this three-pronged approach to stop stress … Read More

The Boston Marathon 2014 – a personal post

I’m sharing this personal post because many of you asked about my experience running the Boston Marathon this year. I am so thankful to all who sent kind notes, good wishes, and waves of support. I felt them all! By the way, to those of you who think that running a race is simply beyond … Read More

3 Decadent Tips for Mother’s Day

As a hard working or high performing busy woman, the way to get more done and lower your stress actually includes three simple strategies that you might be completely overlooking.