Best planners, calenders and visioning tools for 2016

best planners 2016 1

Best planners to stay organized and to plan your year. It turns out that I’m a bit of a planner addict – maybe that’s true of all smart, busy women. I am a firm believer that if I don’t envision what I want and create a space for it, it’s highly unlikely to happen. Finding the right … Read More

30 simple ways to improve your life this month

30 simple ways to improve your life this month

Are you feeling the urge to upgrade, refresh, or improve your life? The beginning of a month is a great time to start something new or approach something you’d like to change in a different way. Studies on change have taught us that one of the best ways to create lasting habits and routines is to keep … Read More



A few days ago a friend forwarded this video on to me from Youtube. It was posted by the Silver Grey Sports Club. I’m not a big video watcher, but if you want inspiration, this is it! Long story short, it’s so easy to make excuses, or to tell ourselves what we want to do … Read More