Wanting and getting – don’t go hungry

keep calm

One of the reasons I founded TooMuchonHerPlate was my frustration at hearing smart, highly capable and creative women telling me that they felt they had to be realistic when it came to setting goals or pursuing their own dreams. They said there just wasn’t time for so much of what was meaningful to them. I’ll … Read More

Productivity may be wasting your time

I just got back from four days of focusing on high performance and the techniques, strategies, and mindsets that help high performers succeed, thrive, get more done, and feel more joy. As you can probably imagine, I’m pretty energized. I’m so excited about the new ideas and information I’m already using in my own life … Read More

Tackling the F-word (it’s not food)

feel not do

You can’t pay attention to what you aren’t looking at. This creates a lot of unnecessary stress and exhaustion for busy high-achievers. If you’re stuck on a bit of a hamster wheel with overload, overwhelm, or overeating, it’s probably because your focus is in the wrong direction. See, if you are known for your productivity … Read More

Step into your power


When I feel stuck, there is a simple ritual I like to do (when I’m not so stuck that I forget to do it). By simple I mean really simple. Because when I’m feeling stuck or overloaded or overwhelmed, a complicated plan of attack is just not going to happen. So here’s the ritual. I … Read More