Step into your power


When I feel stuck, there is a simple ritual I like to do (when I’m not so stuck that I forget to do it). By simple I mean really simple. Because when I’m feeling stuck or overloaded or overwhelmed, a complicated plan of attack is just not going to happen. So here’s the ritual. I … Read More

New Webinar – Solving the overeating puzzle


I’m hosting a new free webinar and you are invited! We’ve received so many comments, questions, and great feedback about the video training I gave away this month that I’m following it up with a brand new (no cost) training call. Next Tuesday, February 3, you’ll get the answers to the questions and challenges that … Read More

New video training for you

One of my goals this year is to create more videos and free trainings to share with you – and I aim to deliver! Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing a brand new video training that just may be the perfect way to start 2015. It’s certainly more helpful than another diet or … Read More