The one thing you MUST do to stop emotional overeating

If you were asked to list everything you think you should, could, or might do to take control of your overeating or emotional eating, I’m betting you could fill a few lines (or perhaps a few pages). We’ve all heard more advice about healthy eating than we can possibly digest. But there’s one key strategy … Read More

Nine smart ways to short-circuit stress eating

When you’re stressed or overloaded, you don’t have a lot of extra time or energy. That’s one reason why stress eating is so seductive and challenging to avoid. Here are nine simple things you can do to prevent yourself from heading to the kitchen when stress and overwhelm hit. Nine ways to prevent stress eating: … Read More

The 14 step plan for breaking free from emotional eating

Most smart women who struggle with emotional eating (stress eating, comfort eating, or eating to avoid or cope with other feelings) make a strategic mistake. They use up all their energy and discipline focusing on the wrong thing – food. Breaking free of emotional eating cycles happens when you look beyond the food and start … Read More

How to stop overeating when it feels like you can’t

How to stop overeating when it feels like you can't

Have you ever felt like your eating was out of control, but figuring out how to stop overeating was impossible? If you’ve been overeating and putting on weight, the cycle of weight gain and frustration with yourself, combined with the reasons you’ve been more driven toward food in the first place, can sometimes feel like … Read More