8 Calorie-free Ways to Feed Your Soul


Overwhelm and overload can be a recipe for overeating. Nourishing yourself in other non-food ways can positively impact the scale AND your life – and you don’t have to book an entire spa day to do it. Here are 8 Calorie-free Ways to Feed Your Soul Spiff up your self-care. Claim “me” time (even a … Read More

A checklist for turning any change into a powerful ritual

ritual graphic

Deciding it’s time to make a change and deciding you are going to make that change, are both sometimes a lot easier than actually following through on that new behavior – especially when life gets hectic or throws you a curve ball (which is guaranteed to happen). Anything new isn’t automatic – and it doesn’t … Read More

Why setting goals might sabotage you

Why setting goals might sabotage you

How many weight loss goals have you set and never achieved? You’re not alone. I’ve done a lot of training and coaching on goal setting, and I can attest that nothing drains the energy from a room full of smart women faster, than asking them to set some goals around their weight, stress, or their … Read More

How to stop cravings instead of fighting them

Would you rather fight cravings or stop them?

If you feel frustrated because you haven’t successfully changed your overeating and your weight, pushing yourself harder isn’t likely to help. It’s definitely not going to help if the plan you are trying to force isn’t a solution that fits you and your life. Too many smart, busy women are banging their heads against the … Read More

You’ve been weighing yourself all wrong …

How to start weighing what really matters

How to start weighing what really matters. If nutrition advice was enough, wouldn’t we all be feeling fabulous in our healthy, svelte, bodies? You and I both know that planning what to eat is only a small part of the equation that creates lasting success, health, and comfortably fitting jeans. And as the research on … Read More