A guide to the best planners for smart, busy women

My review of the best planners for 2017   My name is Melissa McCreery, and I have a bit of a planner addiction. I love researching the best planners, calendars, and tools that help with productivity, focus, and staying on track. Like most smart, busy women, I have a lot of big ideas and some big … Read More

How to say no more easily

It’s amazing the lengths we sometimes go to, to avoid saying no. I’m guilty. There were definitely times in the past, when I lost sleep practicing the perfect story or set of excuses that I hoped would be understood. In my effort to please, avoid disappointing, and most of all – avoid conflict – I … Read More

Simple 10 Minute Habits that Help End Overeating

You might say it’s hard to get control of eating because you are so short on time or energy. Food may seem like a quick and easy comfort to reach for when you are stressed or overloaded. However, these ten minute tips are extremely effective ways to end vicious cycles with food. Minimize night eating. … Read More

Could you lose weight by sleeping?

Sleep and weight loss – what you need to know Sleep matters. Busy people ignore the reality, but without enough sleep, you create an uphill battle for yourself in more ways than you may suspect. Sleep and weight are intimately related. If you are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, you are setting … Read More

Business travel and overeating don’t have to go hand in hand

Business travel creates challenges with healthy eating. In fact, business travel, and the lack of predictability, can easily exacerbate overeating, stress eating, and mindless eating choices. Creating smart strategies for managing overeating on the road is well worth it, given the benefits that eating well has on your health, your weight, your energy, and even … Read More