Crushing Perfectionism and Your Inner Critic


An interview with Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled with perfectionism or felt like your efforts have been “ruined” because you didn’t follow through exactly the way you’d planned. All or nothing thinking (also known as perfectionism) is a trap for many smart, busy women and in this interview with psychologist … Read More

A simple step to break out of perfectionism


Perfectionism can be a seductive trap for smart, busy women – and it’s a major contributor to overwhelm, overload, and overeating. Perfectionism can lead to freezing and procrastination, or to building plans and expectations that are so lofty, you can’t possibly stay on track or follow through. You can let go of perfectionism and when … Read More

Inspiring Quotes: Top 10 Happiness Quotes


Who doesn’t want to be happy? Positive psychology shows us (over and over again), that having more happiness in your life doesn’t require a major life overhaul. In fact, it’s simply not true that happiness has to wait until you’ve achieved the goals or milestones you’ve set out for yourself. Want a shift in perspective? … Read More