Confession – the mistake I make over and over

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I make a lot of mistakes, but when I look back over time, I see one consistent type of mistake that I’ve made over and over and over again. I’ve seen it so often in my clients that I’ve come to think of it as “the smart woman’s mistake” because we seem so incredibly vulnerable … Read More

Emotional Eating Video Tip – Me-time

It will probably come as no surprise to you that, when it comes to taking control emotional eating and overeating, you can be doing a lot of things right and then one small thing can upset the whole applecart. One key strategy that can help you stay in control, be proactive, feel less stressed and … Read More

The One Thing You MUST Do to Stop Emotional Overeating

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If you were asked to list everything you think you should, could, or might do to take control of your overeating or emotional eating, I’m betting you could fill a few lines (or perhaps a few pages). We’ve all heard more advice about healthy eating than we can possibly digest. But there’s one key strategy … Read More