Too Much on Her Plate FAQs and Concerns

Where Do I Start?

If you are new to our website, or diving in with renewed inspiration or motivation, you may have some questions about where to begin or how our different programs and products fit together. We offer programs to help you take control  of emotional eating, overload, and stress and below you’ll find information about how to best explore and work through them so that you can get the best results. Welcome to 101! If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our highly capable team.

Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns:

“You are singing my song. I AM the busy woman you write about struggling with all or some of the three Os—overload, overwhelm and overeating. What’s my first step?”

I recommend that you start taking charge of your life by taking one simple step: Sign up for my free bite-size audio tip series: Five Simple Steps to Move Beyond Overwhelm with Food and Life. Every few days you’ll get one short do-able step (and some motivation) in your email box. I’ll follow this up with tips and helpful articles on an ongoing basis.

“I love these audios! What’s next?”

Whether you are tackling overeating, overload, or just-plain-being too busy, I want you to do more than discover WHAT to do differently. I want you to SUCCEED at putting those changes into place. Most readers find that the first step is one that puts important success tools into place:

  • My Put Yourself First 7 Day Blast-off  shows you the secrets to fitting yourself in—without feeling selfish. Again, this program is designed to be easily manageable and to not waste your time. For seven days you’ll be hearing from me (in bite-size segments) via email and audio. My 7  Day Blast-off Plan takes you from STUCK to ACTION! Click here to learn more and to read what users say about this.
  • The Get OVER Overeating 7 Day Jumpstart walks you through the process of getting OFF the diet roller hamster wheel (which goes nowhere) and gives you the tools and action steps to create a mindset and a plan for success. Use this to get inspired, get your mojo back, and get clear on what your next effective steps need to be to create SUCCESS with your overeating and emotional eating. Click here for details and to learn more.
  • The Success Soundtrack™ (How to Add More Ease, Joy, Me-time AND Success in Just Ten Minutes a Day) does just that. If you are too busy to even figure out where to begin, this plug-and-play soundtrack is where to dive in. You invest ten minutes a day listening to just one soundtrack.  I’ll walk you through the steps of getting relaxed, grounded, clear on your goals and priorities, and inspired for your day. Details and reviews of the Success Soundtrack™ are here.

“I struggle with overeating or emotional eating and I want to take control—once and for all.”

Learn all about the Emotional Eating Solutions and Overeating Help I offer by clicking the link.

Note: I also offer Emotional Eating Coaching and Consultation.

Private coaching

Limited private coaching slots are made available each year to work with motivated clients who are ready to take action and want to make their life better and enjoy it more. Contact us to learn more about these services and to schedule a consultation.