Stop Struggling with Overeating
Step-by-Step Emotional Eating Help for Busy Women

Are you tired of struggling with overeating or weight loss? Have you wasted valuable time, energy, hope, and money on weight loss plans and programs that didn’t work? Are you feeling guilty or frustrated by your lack of success?

Many hardworking, successful women struggle with overeating and excess weight. Sometimes this even holds them back in other areas of their lives. Overload, overwhelm, and a tendency to overachieve can all contribute to eating too much.

Diets don’t work–they don’t address the real issue.  Knowing what you “should” do isn’t enough. REAL SUCCESS happens when you discover an approach that takes into account your real life and gives you the tools and strategies to identify and address the reasons you overeat.

REAL SUCCESS Happens when You Have What You Need to Get OVER Overeating – It’s time to Get OFF the Weight Loss Hamster Wheel

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Here’s what the diet industry isn’t telling you.

If you are overeating, there IS a reason. And it’s not that you are undisciplined, lazy, or lacking willpower (for goodness sake–look what you accomplish in the rest of your life!). Something is driving your overeating–and guess what? Your odds of being effective and successful go WAY up when you identify how to directly address this piece. When you don’t address the reasons you overeat, not only are your weight loss plans likely to fail, you are likely to continue overeating and gain more weight.

Introducing the Get OVER Overeating 7 Day Jumpstart!

Get over overeating

Get to the Root of Your Overeating so…
You can Get ON with Your Life

The Get OVER Overeating 7 Day Jumpstart is your smart, first step. This program is designed specifically for busy women who struggle with overeating or emotional eating and need a solution that works with their demanding schedule.

Melissa McCreery, PhDI’m Dr. Melissa McCreery. I’m a Clinical Psychologist and Emotional Eating and Overwhelm Expert. I’ve spent years helping busy women professionals and business owners stop overeating, stop struggling with food, and start creating lives that work even better for them. Along the way, I’ve learned what works–and just as importantly–I’ve become an expert at identifying the situations, mindsets, and traps that can keep even the smartest women from achieving their goals.

There IS a way out of struggles with overeating and emotional eating, with food, and with weight and the key is usually NOT working HARDER. It’s learning to apply the tools, tips and strategies that allow you to work SMARTER and to approach your unique situation with more confidence and ease.

Making changes that last requires getting to the root of overeating — understanding what’s driving the urge to overeat and addressing that issue so that food loses its power.

I’ve designed the 7 Day Jumpstart to get you back on track–in the right direction. Instead of jumping back on the hamster wheel of what doesn’t work, now you can design your customized foundation and path for success and learn how to move forward with do-able steps that fit your needs, address what’s really going on, and move you towards your goal.

Before You Start another Weight Loss Plan,
Set Yourself up for SUCCESS

Here’s the real truth.  If you don’t address the reasons that you are turning to food—the stress, the overwhelm, the emotions, worries, and needs that drive you to the kitchen—the weight struggles aren’t going to end.

The Get Over Overeating 7 Day Jumpstart walks you through the process of identifying why you overeat, discovering what’s held you back or tripped you up in the past, and most importantly, it allows you how to pinpoint what you need to be successful NOW.

I am sending my friends and relatives who need you to your website! I have the tools now, and I kind of feel like, “I’m on to you, overeating! You can’t get me now!” Hearing the audios and what you led me through in this program, it was just so amazing how the progress started right away.

The biggest ‘aha’ for me so far, after using your program, is facing one of the reasons I overeat…I’m actually starting to lose weight, which I’ve been trying to do for the last 20 years. I’ve moved off a plateau I’ve been at for month. I am thrilled to report that 30 days after starting your program I’ve lost 8 lbs. I’m shocked that I was eating that much extra food emotionally. I really had no idea that it was 7-8 lbs worth! Shocked, shocked, shocked…(yet thrilled about my hamster-wheel free present & future!). And you are right…life is getting better already…I am doing things that use my gifts, my expertise, and giving the world some of what I have to offer instead of eating to cope with feeling stuck in life. Something tells me that these projects may turn out to open new doors & opportunities.

Thanks for truly being a REAL expert in this area. I’ve gotten lots of other “help” over the years, spent lots of money I probably didn’t even have to spend… but it’s only now that the real issues are becoming clear. I really think I see the light at the end of the tunnel and my life is about to totally shift.”

Chante, Get Over Overeating Participant


When you participate in the Jumpstart you will:

  • Discover how to get past all the “shoulds” and connect to your inner wisdom about your eating and your relationship with food.
  • Get a handle on specific situations or feelings that trigger overeating for you and develop strategies that you can use instead of eating.
  • Learn ways to identify WHAT you are feeling and stay connected to yourself and your emotions (so you don’t end up resorting to emotional eating).
  • Find out how shame and guilt may be holding you back–and what you can do instead of feeling bad about yourself.
  • Develop strategies for handling tough situations that don’t include turning to food.
  • Discover the recipe for choosing the most effective strategies for specific situations.
  • Identify the changes you can make that will make it easier to avoid overeating.
  • Discover specific ways to make yourself feel better and cared for and to upgrade the way you take care of yourself (so you aren’t trying to reward yourself with chocolate).
  • Find out how to step away from diets and deprivation and set your inner GPS towards a new peace with food (I’ll show you how to define it).
  • Identify the next steps in your journey that are customized to you and your life, do-able, and that will continue to move you forward.

emotional eating client“I was stuck. Stuck in a rut…stuck in life…stuck being unhappy about my choices. Food was the way I coped sometimes…Your class really helped me realize that when I get bored, I eat. Then, I feel guilty and horrible about myself for eating that cookie and eat again to make myself feel better…Your class taught me to recognize the problem at hand that makes me want to eat, and then gave me the tools to handle it. I can’t think of a better course than that!

Ronda Stephens-Auclair Emotional Eating Toolbox™ Group Participant & Owner of


The 7 Day Jumpstart is NOT a Diet or Weight Loss Plan.
It is a Plan for Success

  • Get your mojo back
  • Discover what inspires you
  • Get clear on what you need to really truly leave overeating behind.
  • When you commit to the 7 Day Jumpstart, you will receive daily, do-able action steps. Daily emails, audios (short and sweet), templates, handouts, and other tools will literally walk you through the process of taking charge of your overeating and charting your path for ongoing success.

Melissa, I can’t tell you have much I’ve gained since I “met” you & started using your Emotional Eating Toolbox™. I was skeptical about the program at first because you didn’t give me the “answers” up front—you don’t say, ‘Here are the 10 steps to follow & voila! You’re cured.’ Instead, you gave me simple, non-time-consuming tools which taught me about myself… What I discovered by using the tools in the Emotional Eating Toolbox program is that I have a host of hungers (for friendship, for sleep, for relief of anxiety, for relaxation as well as for physiological nourishment). It was so obvious that food didn’t solve the real problem of loneliness, fear or whatever. Through the program, I found and started using other better options. The way you helped us set goals & be accountable for our actions was a big help. I don’t think I’d have done it if left to my own devices. I cannot believe how much my behavior has changed over time. One small step at a time really adds up to some big changes!”

Marcy L., Florida


Katie Jay“I really didn’t think there was anything more I could learn about emotional eating, having already read everything I could get my hands on about it. But, Melissa’s Emotional Eating Toolbox program is not the same old information, it’s a wonderful healing process! Not only did I get a lot out of it personally, I have recommended it to my clients.”

Katie Jay, MSW
Founder of the National Association for Weight Loss Surgery.


Get Started with the 7 Day Get OVER Overeating Jumpstart Today and you can be Taking Charge of Your Overeating Tomorrow!

The Jumpstart is designed to be easy to access, easy to implement, and do-able–even when you have lots of other stuff going on. Purchase the 7 Day Jumpstart and you’ll receive almost instant confirmation. We’ll get you up in running so that you can begin the very next day.

This entire program is delivered via email to make it super convenient. Downloadable daily (short!) audios, daily action steps, downloadable (and reusable) templates, tools, and bonus resources will be delivered to you via email each day. Bite-size, digestible doses that will allow you to be effective. These are small steps designed to create powerful reverberations in your thinking, your actions, and your life.

What Jumpstart Participants Are Sharing After Just Seven Days:

“A heartfelt thank you for covering so many bases with this.”

“I am amazed at the things that have been uncovered.”

“I loved that the information was meted out in small bites and daily. Sometimes once a week is not often enough for me. I need constant reminders on this stuff. I’ve also been overwhelmed by other programs (not yours) that give way too much information too fast. Then I merely get discouraged and give up. This didn’t happen to me.”

“I already knew I was overeating. The 7 Day Jumpstart addressed the “why” and the “what to do instead”. Just trying to not eat was not the answer. This program helped me realize that once I work through the root issues, the desire to use food goes away… This program is a powerful tool with information directly from a professional. You’ll learn that taking quality care of yourself first is one of the most powerful, selfless things you can do.”

“The ideas were down to earth and really addressed the underlying problems.”

“This is just what I needed in my life right now.”

Ready to Move Forward?

Here’s what you get with the 7 Day Jumpstart:

ipod nano podcast1 150x150 How to Put Yourself FirstDaily Blast-off downloads. Every morning you’ll wake up to a short, sweet, easy to apply audio in your email. Download these to the listening device (computer, mp3 player) that works best for you. I’m going to walk you through 7 days of making powerful and impactful change. We start with getting to the heart of your inner wisdom. I’ll walk you through the steps of letting go of guilt and self-blame, identifying patterns and situations that may trigger overeating, working with emotions and stress, identifying better ways to take care of yourself, and of course, creating strategies and plans for what to do instead of eating.
daily emailYou know that it’s difficult to start new habits. Sometimes it’s difficult just to remember to do the things you intend to–especially when you are busy. I’ve planned for this. A daily reminder email will guide you towards your action steps each day and reinforce the short audios you receive each morning.
You will receive the templates, worksheets, and tools you need to get the job done. You’ll get into action quickly, and you’ll create your own blueprint for ongoing success. These are my favorite tools for getting to the heart of overeating struggles and designing a path for success. You’ll use these tools to take what you learn and customize it to your life. In addition, you’ll be creating a blueprint that you can use after completing the 7 Day Jumpstart that will continue to help you stay on track.

  • My Emotion Locator Cheat Sheet: Connect with your emotions and identify your feelings–even if you aren’t very good at it.
  • The Instead Strategy Incubator: Identify your strategies for what to do instead of turning to food and learn the secret to selecting a strategy that will be effective.
  • The Self-care Strategy Checklist: Identify holes in your self-care that might be contributing to overeating.
  • The Success Formula Template: Use this again and again to identify your next action steps for success with overeating.
Ten days of follow up. I’ll follow up by email after the program has ended. Your Jumpstart is 7 days, but my mission is to show you how to STAY on track and to learn LASTING ways to to take charge of overeating! That’s why you’ll continue to hear from me a few times a week (with more tips and resources) after the program has ended.
Unleash Your Unstop-ability! Be unstoppable! Get clear on your unique formula for unstoppable success with my new action guide. I’m including this at no cost when you purchase this program today.

Are you ready to stop struggling and start succeeding when it comes to overeating?

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Life is too short to spend it struggling with food. I know you know this, but I also know that you may struggle to invest in yourself and to believe that change is possible. For the cost of a week’s worth of lunches out (less really), you can step off the weight loss hamster wheel. It isn’t going anywhere and it’s wearing you out. Are you ready to do something different?

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