About the company

Dr. Melissa McCreery, a clinical psychologist and internationally certified professional coach, has channeled her years of experience specializing in women’s food and weight struggles, obesity and eating disorders, into a  company that caters to the needs of successful, busy women struggling with the three Os–overload, overwhelm, and overeating. She was motivated by the many smart, competent women she has worked with who feel defeated, hopeless, ashamed, and “like failures” when it comes to weight loss and better life balance–despite their impressive accomplishments in other areas.

Melissa was inspired to create a company that specifically addresses the link between a busy demanding life, stress, and overeating.   Her unique spin on peace with food helps women leverage their considerable strengths and expertise in a way that helps them meet their wellness goals–and improve their lives.

The result is Too Much On Her Plate (http://www.TooMuchOnHerPlate.com).

The company, based in Bellingham, WA, serves women worldwide by providing services in person, online, and via telephone.  Too Much On Her Plate offers private consulting services and intensive retreats, live, online, and telephone-based seminars and workshops, as well as resources and products that address overeating, emotional eating, overwhelm and life balance.