Story ideas on weight loss, emotional eating, and self-care

Why diets don’t work. Millions of people want to lose weight, and begin a diet with plenty of determination, but almost all will fail. Why? Let Melissa McCreery, PhD share the secrets of why diets don’t work – and what the solution really is.

Why smart women struggle with overeating and their weight.
It’s not about the food. Learn about the most overlooked reason women overeat and gain weight.

Emotional eating. It’s not what you eat, it’s why. Emotional eating is one of the major causes of overeating, weight gain, and weight re-gain. Dr. Melissa McCreery can share simple do-able tips for breaking free of vicious cycles with emotional eating.

Why putting yourself first may be the best gift a busy mom can give her kids. Dr. Melissa McCreery will share why prioritizing your own needs is essential–and how you can do it, even in the midst of a busy life.

Other ideas include:

  • Ditch the diet – and still lose weight
  • The real key to getting OVER overeating
  • Why weight loss is all in the mind, not what you eat
  • The weight loss mistakes smart women make and how to avoid them
  • Why “working harder” to lose weight can backfire