About Melissa McCreery, PhD


Stop Fighting with Emotional Eating and Stress and Start Living the Life You’ve Been Craving

Dr. Melissa McCreeryPsychologist Dr. Melissa McCreery focuses on the three Os that ambush successful, high-achieving women—overeating, overwhelm, and overload. At TooMuchOnHerPlate.com she helps busy  professionals, working moms, and successful business owners take control of overeating and stress and add more ease, success, and joy to their health, their businesses, and their lives.

Targeted tools and strategies and Dr. Melissa’s signature approach help busy women stop chasing their lives and start leading them. Clients find time they didn’t know they had and discover how to claim it for themselves. They discover the secrets to getting off the diet rollercoaster and ending emotional eating and yo-yo weight loss while they learn to thrive. Dr. Melissa’s passion is helping women flourish as they create a lasting peace with eating and with food, take control of their health and stress, and design lives that are more peaceful, rewarding, and satisfying.

The Secret Weapon of Savvy Women Professionals and Business Owners:

Dr. Melissa is known as the “Smart Woman’s Expert” and works with busy women who want to really live, thrive, and bring their A-game to their work and their life. She founded TooMuchOnHerPlate.com after hearing from one too many smart capable women who had achieved amazing things, but felt stuck, ineffective and hopeless in her struggles with stress, emotional eating and weight and carving out time for herself.

Dr. McCreery is the author of  The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women. Her approach has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Working Mother, Weight Watcher’s Magazine, Women’s Health, and Self.

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Complicated Lives Require Customized Solutions

One size does not fit all. At TooMuchonHerPlate.com, clients enjoy customized solutions that fit their individuality and their busy lives. Personal coaching clients worldwide find private phone and Skype sessions invaluable while others take action with Dr. Melissa’s self-guided programs and group coaching programs. Private coaching retreat experiences are also available.

Dr. Melissa’s programs and services are rooted in her understanding that we are capable of accomplishing tremendous things when we listen to ourselves, when we identify and engage our authentic strengths and individual style, and when we connect with what we truly need and crave.

Melissa’s Education and Background

Melissa McCreery earned both her Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Clinical Psychology from Michigan State University. She completed her coaching education and international certification through Mentor Coach, and has been certified as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is a member of the American Psychological Association and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for WLS (Weight Loss Success) Lifestyles magazine.

Described as passionate, energetic, and persistent, Melissa’s clients benefit from her creativity, caring, and her unstoppable belief that peace with food is attainable for everyone and that life is simply too short not to live your best version of it. A busy woman herself, Melissa lives with her husband and two teenage sons in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she enjoys the incredible trails, island views, and of course, great coffee.  A former PE dropout, Melissa is currently training to run her twelfth marathon.

How to Get Started:

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