Individual Coaching Services (Personal Coaching)

Personal Coaching that Addresses the TOTAL Picture

Maybe you are a busy professional, a women entrepreneur or a working mom. You invest in your business and career, your home, your family…

But if YOU aren’t thriving, fueled, and operating at your best, everything else suffers too. Besides, life is just too short to spend it chasing your “to-do” list and knowing that YOU and your health and well-being aren’t what they could be. Personal coaching can help.


Coaching programs for busy women–entrepreneurs, professionals, and women who know how to work hard, but are seeking to THRIVE.

Using my signature T.H.R.I.V.E.™ Formula, I help women achieve their personal and professional goals while simultaneously addressing stress, overload, and the unhelpful habits that can creep into your life and work against your goal of being your best. I’ll show you how to ditch the “work harder and harder” model by making quantum shifts in your mindset and your approach to your goals.

  • inner championBreak free of mindsets that sabotage you and leave you feeling guilty or working to hard.
  • Find time for YOU and the self-care that allows you to shine
  • Take control of overeating, emotional eating, and other unhelpful habits
  • Discover the key to creating healthy lifestyle habits and routines that you actually want to stick with
  • Create the juicy lifestyle that reflects you at your best AND energizes you to bring your A-game to your work, your relationships, and the rest of your life
  • Get back into the driver’s seat with your life and stop feeling like life and your “to-do” list are running you
  • Learn to leverage your strengths, talents, and natural abilities to add more ease and flow to your life and to make greater progress towards your goals

My coaching approach is carefully designed to help you meet your objectives, accelerate your progress, learn how to address your specific challenges, and stay in action—all while avoiding overwhelm and enjoying the journey as much as possible. I work intensively with my personal coaching clients to provide accountability, motivation enhancement, support, encouragement, and the tools and expertise you need to achieve your goals.

Group and personal coaching is generally conducted by phone or Skype. I work with clients in locations worldwide, although you may choose to schedule individual coaching appointments in my Bellingham, Washington office.

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success story“I had experienced a lot of life changes in recent years (moving, a child getting married, serious illness in family, youngest children going off to college, owning a small service business during a recession). I was in survival mode, which I’m pretty good at in some ways. However my survival strategies weren’t working and were taking a toll on my health. I had gained 30 pounds, stopped exercising, pulled away from family and friends. I felt disconnected, alone and worried about everything. I was looking for a way to change my lifestyle habits so that I didn’t feel so overwhelmed, tired, and out of control. A friend shared an article from Shape magazine that quoted Melissa and I went to her website and signed up for the emails. I ordered the Success Soundtrack™ first, then the Emotional Eating Toolbox™ program. I got “stuck” on Day 13 of the 28 day program and knew I needed extra support. I went ahead and scheduled a free coaching call to see how one-on-one calls could help. I knew I could use the ‘excuse of I can’t afford this’ as a way not to sign up. I also knew that I had spent almost 30 years and thousands of dollars on books, programs, diets, foods, motivational cd’s etc. I was ready to make an investment in myself that could create lasting change for me.

“I feel very comfortable working with Melissa. She ‘gets’ me. She saw the real me and believed in the real me before I even knew who that was or what it looked like. She continually encourages me to move a little bit out of my comfort zone and towards my goals. She keeps me accountable. She is available for support and encouragement by email in between my coaching calls. Working with Melissa, I gained my spirit back. I gained the courage and the security to know that I can be at my best and that I am a good person. I learned how to stay with myself when I feel uncomfortable. I learned how to be compassionate and kind to myself. I didn’t expect that I would learn these things. I thought I would learn a system or a process to manage my time, develop willpower and be able to turn off my emotional eating switch.

I used to look at certain people I knew, and admire that they could be so grounded, at peace with themselves, and at ease in the world. I am becoming more like them. I finally ‘get’ what it means to be in the present moment. I take time for myself every day. I am so glad I did this.” Mary Jo Falvey,


“Just thinking about how I’m benefiting from working with Melissa for these several months . . .It’s not a coincidence that since working with Melissa I’ve upgraded my wardrobe, maintained my fitness routine without struggle, gotten a huge promotion, not been on a diet of any sort, been doing more creative projects that feed me, cleaned out my office, let go of some draining commitments. I’m more prepared for the holidays than I’ve ever been, I’m deepening some friendships and making new ones while letting go of others that are subtly destructive. I’m putting a few extra minutes into my appearance each day, am keeping the house really nice, am consistently writing.. . . . I’m so grateful to have someone (else) so fully on my side., seeing my best and reminding me of it, helping me be compassionate with myself, cheering me on, challenging me to be myself, helping me explore some parts of myself like the mindless eating that embarrass me, seeing all of this as connected to me and who I am in this world.” Vicki, Private Coaching Client

Specialized coaching or consultation is also available in the following areas or formats:

  • Platinum Services: Contact us if you would like information about scheduling a private in-person coaching day, a spa-based multi-day coaching retreat (for individuals or small groups), or other specialized retreats.
  • Professional Consultation and Coaching for Wellness Professionals, Coaches, Trainers and Nutritionists: Contact us if you would like information about consultation and coaching with Dr. Melissa McCreery.
  • Personal Coaching for Weight Loss Surgery Patients: If you have chosen to have weight loss surgery, you’ve probably heard over and over again that weight loss surgery is only a tool. Equally important: weight loss surgery is only one tool. Having the support and the additional tools you need after surgery is strongly recommended to help you adapt to your new lifestyle, maximize your weight loss, and improve your ability to maintain your new weight.

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