Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

What can I expect from coaching?

Coaching is best understood by experiencing it—and that’s because coaching is a process that is co-created between the client and her coach. While it’s important to know that coaching is not therapy and it’s not consulting, each coaching relationship will look a little different and will develop over time.

Coaching is a powerful tool that can help you accomplish your goals more efficiently, enhance your well-being, and enhance your ability to evoke your true potential.

When I work with you, I start by helping you identify your strengths—those qualities that make you feel like you. We clarify your goals, and from our first contact will begin to explore how you can best use your strengths to accomplish your goals—because that’s the easiest way to do it. We’ll also get really clear on the things that are holding you back—challenges, special circumstances, internal beliefs or emotions.

My job, as your coach, is to help you get where you want to go—while being true to yourself. Sometimes that means helping you identify steps into the unknown or supporting you as you take a risk or stretch your limits. Sometimes it will mean helping you figure out how to get out of your own way. As your coach, I’m in your corner, in support of your agenda. While I believe I help my clients most by listening to them and helping them connect with their own innate wisdom and self knowledge, I will share my expertise and insight. I’m also willing to tell you the hard truth or hold you accountable. We’ll talk about what works best for you.

How does coaching work?

Coaching can take place in person; however, I work with people all over the world and meet with most of my clients over the phone. This is more time-effective for you and allows you to participate in coaching directly from your home or office, at a pre-arranged coaching appointment time. Appointments are typically thirty minutes, although it is possible to tailor the length and frequency of calls to meet your needs. We may exchange emails between calls to check in on goals or assignments you are working on. Coaching is a confidential relationship.

How long does someone work with a coach?

As your goals and objectives are identified, my commitment is to helping you achieve the results you want—in the ways that will work best for you. I work to ensure that you continue to move in the direction you desire, while maintaining the life balance that you need. How long that takes will depend on your goals, your situation, and how frequently we meet (among other things). As we get to know each other, I will give you my best estimate, of how long I expect it to take to meet your agenda.

Change can be complicated. Some of the most powerful progress in coaching occurs during the “rough periods.” Working through discouragement or “stuckness” teaches us incredible lessons about our own strengths. It is not uncommon to begin coaching with a great deal of motivation and then enter a slump or encounter self-doubt after several weeks. For this reason, I ask you to consider making an initial three-month commitment—not to me—but to yourself. This is not required, but many find it helpful. If you are enrolled in a specialized coaching program that runs for a specified length of time, you are always welcome to add on additional coaching sessions. Just let me know that you’d like to do so and we can discuss the specifics involved.

What does coaching cost?

Fees for coaching programs vary based on a number of variables. My commitment is to help you choose the program or type of service that will best fit your situation. Payment for coaching is made in advance, and may be made by check or credit card. I will discuss coaching options and fees with you in your initial consultation call.

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