The Success Soundtrack™
for High-achieving, Busy Women:

How to Add More Ease, Flow, Me-time, AND Success WITHOUT Overextending Your To-do List—in Ten Minutes a Day

Attention High-Achieving Busy Women:

Time Doesn’t Have to Be Your Enemy and You Don’t Have to Drop Everything in Order to Make Time For You

Do you feel stuck on a hamster wheel where you are working harder and harder but never getting it all done and never feeling like it’s enough? Do you CRAVE a LIFE with more time for you? A life where things flow better? But you can't even FIND THE TIME to figure out how to make that happen! Whether you want to lose weight, be more fit, create success in your business, or be a better partner or friend, the odds are you have an idea WHAT you want to do. When it comes to creating a more successful, satisfying, THRIVING lifestyle, the biggest challenge busy women face is NOT a lack of knowledge or ability. It’s finding the TIME and the WAY to implement the actions you want to take. It’s having the SUCCESS MINDSETS in place that allow you to use your time and energy in a way that creates success AND well-being.

I’m Dr. Melissa McCreery. I’m a psychologist, author, coach, and a business owner. I have two sons, a husband I love to spend time with, and lots of responsibilities to take care of. I’m busy too. But I’ve learned (usually the hard way), that when I prioritize time for me and for my goals and needs, I am more productive and effective in my life. I’m more fun to be around and more focused on the moment at hand. When I’m thriving, those around me tend to thrive too. I function at a higher level and I also model quality self-care for those I care about. It’s a win-win.

That said, knowing what to do, and actually putting that knowledge into action can be two very different things. I know that as busy business owners, mothers, partners, and friends, it can be all-to-easy for our own priorities to fall off our radar.

The Success Soundtrack™ for High-achieving, Busy Women:
How to Add More Ease, Flow, Me-time, AND Success WITHOUT
Overextending Your To-do List—in Ten Minutes a Day

Unbelievable? I know it may sound that way, but this really is a ten-minute-a-day solution. The truth is, next to time, one of the biggest hurdles for smart high-achievers is believing that your actions have to be big (and sometimes overwhelming) in order to be effective. Actually, sometimes simple small changes are the best ways to create new LASTING habits and mindsets and ways of approaching your life.

The Success Soundtrack™ System is specially designed to be simple and do-able. I’ve taken all my years of knowledge and my expertise on these topics and eliminated the fluff and the lengthy lectures. I’ve pared this program down to what you really need--simple 10 minute soundtracks that will fit in with your busy life.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Put an end to self sabotage
  • Lower your stress and learn how to really relax
  • Break free from mindsets that drain your energy and limit your results (warning—these may be the same mindsets you think are helping you!)
  • Get focused on your real priorities and use your time more effectively
  • Take better care of yourself
  • Identify the ingredients that allow you to thrive and be successful
  • Eliminate overeating and other unhelpful habits
  • Learn how to put together a foundation of responsive support that can propel you forward and get you back on track when you lose your way

The best part? While you are doing all this, you’ll be creating new powerful success mindsets and establishing and strengthening some of the critical habits for CONTINUING to be successful!

How the Success Soundtrack™ Program Works
(Yes, you really just need ten minutes a day)

You don’t need a lot of time to add more purpose and deliberateness to your life—but we do need to make sure that your purpose and deliberateness are pointed in the right direction and are leading you toward success. Unfortunately, too many very smart women are wasting their energy working hard using mindsets and approaches that basically just create MORE hard work—not the ease, success, and sense of accomplishment that they are looking for.

The Success Soundtrack™ system shows you how to create EFFECTIVENESS-ENHANCING HABITS.

In fact, you are in action the moment
you begin listening to your first audio.

It’s simple. You commit to a new ten minute habit a day—listening to one of the Success Soundtrack™ audios. You can listen to the CD or download these so that you can use listen on your ipod or computer. I recommend that you listen at the beginning of your day and that you give this ten minutes your undivided attention. These are not tools that you use while multitasking!

That’s it.

Okay, now I know you’ll need to fight that inner voice that says you simply must do more, you must work harder. You must overload yourself with a new life overhaul in order to be effective. Are you feeling tired yet? This mindset is why you may be stuck, and truthfully, it doesn’t need to be that hard. In fact, it’s better when it isn’t.

I’ll help you identify and tweak mindsets like this that can make life harder and limit your success. In addition to the powerful Success Soundtrack™ Audios, you’ll also receive the comprehensive Break Through Smart Success Audio: Breaking Through Myths and Mindsets that Sabotage Smart High-achieving Women So that You Can Struggle Less and Be More Successful.

Every busy woman needs to own these audios—and USE them! Dr. Melissa has created something brilliant here. We all know, that for busy women, it’s often not about knowing WHAT to do, it’s about actually finding the time, energy, and figuring out HOW to get it done. Melissa’s gone beyond the information overload trap and provided busy women with a practical and effective SUCCESS kit. It really does require only ten minutes a day and whether you're in the process of losing weight, getting fit, or growing a successful business, Melissa covers the essentials for staying motivated to create big actions. I love them all.

Ashley Mahaffey
Ashley Mahaffey Fitness Strategy Expert

Your idea of having ten minute chunks of audio inspiration is genius! Melissa, I love this program! The first thing I did when I got the product was to dive into the Setting Powerful Intentions audio. The intentions you speak really sink in and make a difference to the busy woman who needs to just stop and just BE for a bit—and your voice is so soothing. Your idea of having ten minute chunks of audio inspiration is genius. I can’t wait to listen over and over to continue to work on eliminating the pattern of overwhelm in my life. You have created a product that is so affordable and so valuable. Thanks for being such a voice for helping powerful women to be their best.

Therese Skelly
Therese Skelly Coach and Business Strategist

What the Success Soundtrack™ System Includes:

The Success Soundtrack™ Audio System. No need for information overload. No piles of books to read before you get started. I’ve collected all the information, tried and tested, and distilled these down to short do-able audios. They are all you need to get started, get into action and begin creating a life where you are in the driver’s seat, that works FOR you and gets you closer to your goals—the day you begin using them.

I’ve also included a very special bonus track which contains some of my best information on how to create more ease and success:

  • BONUS Success Track:

    Stop Reinventing the Wheel: Eight Questions to Ask to Build a Network that will Propel You Forward—wherever you want to go

  • Learn how life really can be easier
  • Discover what dynamic support is and how it can make a huge difference for you
  • Find out how to get help when you don’t know what you need

Are you ready to move forward?

Let me say first, that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. The Success Sountrack™ is unique in that it meets you where you are and can be used in many situations with just about any goal. If you are tired of starting programs and projects and not seeing the results you want, if you are looking for a way out of overload and overwhelm and want to start finding more ease and more time and energy for yourself, then take a good hard look at this program--but only if you are willing to put in ten minutes on most days.

If you are looking for a one-shot-deal, if you want to listen to something once and put it on the shelf, this program may give you a one-shot boost, but it won’t take you where you want to go (however, I will say, that you actually might enjoy your ten minute session so much that you come back for more ?)

Here’s what you’ll receive when you invest in the Success Soundtrack™
  • Smart Success Audio: Breaking Through Myths and Mindsets that Sabotage Smart High-achieving Women So that You Can Struggle Less and Be More Successful
  • The Success Soundtrack™ Audio System
    • Success Track One: You At Your Best: How to Leverage YOUR Strengths and Your Uniqueness to Create a More Joyful, Vibrant Life
    • Success Track Two: Chocolate for the Brain: Releasing Stress and Quieting Inner Noise, Tension and Stress
    • Success Track Three: Carving out Time for Your Sweet Self o Success
    • Success Track Four: Climbing Into the Driver’s Seat and Creating a Powerful Day: Blazing past habits that are holding you back
    • Success Track Five: Today I WILL: Setting Powerful Intentions
    • BONUS Success Track: Stop Reinventing the Wheel: Eight Questions to Ask to Build a Network that will Propel You Forward—wherever you want to go

Amp up your productivity and impact—the best 10 minutes you’ll spend today or any day! I LOVE your Success Soundtrack! Just landed in Los Angeles to speak at an event and listened to a few of the tracks on the plane. My favorites:

  1. “Chocolate for Your Brain” – Even with a crying baby in the row in front of me, this audio gave me an amazing sense of calm. As divine as a piece of organic dark chocolate, it’s the perfect way to end your day!

  2. “Today I Will: Setting Powerful Intentions” – Without a doubt, the best 10 minutes you’ll spend today or any day! Connecting with your inner wisdom through this audio is a great way to amp up your productivity and impact.

Great Job!”

Sandra Martini
Sandra Martini Marketing and Productivity Expert

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