Freedom from overeating and emotional eating is waiting for you.
My coaching programs will show you the way.

Are you a smart, busy woman who's ready to make peace with food and create freedom from overeating and emotional eating?

You're in the right place. Overeating and emotional eating traps are common traps for savvy, busy, high-performing women. If you're smart and successful and yet you're still fighting with overeating or emotional eating, you are not alone.

If you're frustrated with yo-yo weight loss and weight gain, endlessly "starting over" on Monday, or the frustration, self-blame, guilt, and shame that are taking a toll on your confidence, I'm glad you're here.

If you've lost your belief in your ability to create lasting results; if you're tired of feeling ineffective, depriving yourself, or working so hard (with minimal results), we need to talk.

You aren't lazy and you don't need more willpower.

What you need is a strategic plan for tackling the reasons you're overeating.

Melissa McCreery's work has been a game-changer for me. After decades of struggles with overeating, she has helped me to understand how to identify, turn towards and meet my unmet needs (what she calls the 'hidden hungers', and finally the urge to overeat is falling away. If you struggle with overeating - with overwhelm, self-criticism, perfectionism - then I recommend Melissa wholeheartedly.

- Louise Tennekoon -

Most other programs are 90% about what and how to eat, and tend to make you feel totally deprived - something most of us don’t need at all. Your Missing Peace is a completely different approach. I think any woman who struggles with weight issues needs to do this program, because you need to know that you can be empowered instead of following a regiment and you can get off the dieting hamster wheel.

- Amanda DeLongchamp -

Imagine a life where you've lost the cravings and no longer have the urge to overeat.

A life where you've left behind the diets that left you feeling hungry, frustrated, and unsuccessful. Where you no longer have to "control" your eating, because you've lost the cravings or the urges to binge and you've broken the cycles with overeating and emotional eating that stole so much of your time, energy, and confidence. Tackling Hidden Hungers (which have nothing to do with food) is almost always the essential first step.

Take my free Hidden Hungers Quiz to identify why you're overeating and your best path out of the overeating maze. Find out what you're really hungry for (it's probably not food!).

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Dr. Melissa McCreery

Emotional Eating & Overeating Expert

I'm Dr. Melissa McCreery. I'm a clinical psychologist, the host of the Too Much on Her Plate podcast, and the author of The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women. My clients don't win struggles with food, they end them - so that they can spend their time and energy on the things that matter most. 

I've spent more than twenty-five years helping women lose their overeating habits, and it all starts with Hidden Hungers. These non-food Hidden Hungers make cravings worse, food more tempting, and when they aren't addressed, make it next-to-impossible to stop at just one taste or one serving. If you aren't targeting these five hungers (that aren't about food), no weight loss program or healthy lifestyle change has a fighting chance to be successful.

Life's too short to spend it fighting with food. I can help you leave the hamster wheel behind.

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Take the free Hidden Hungers Quiz to identify your dominant Hidden Hunger and your best path out of the overeating maze. Find out what you're really hungry for (probably not food!).

As an added bonus, receive tips, strategies, and updates.