Overeating has nothing to do with food.

Overeating and emotional eating are common traps for savvy, busy high-performing women. If you’re smart and successful and yet you are still struggling with overeating or emotional eating, you are not alone. 

You aren’t lazy and you don’t need more willpower.

Ready to make a change? Odds are you don’t need another diet or more willpower – and I’m betting your brain would burst if I gave you one more “supposed to” strategy for weight loss.

Are you tired of running in circles and ready to get on a path that works?If you’re trapped in a vicious cycle with food, weight, dieting, and NOT seeing success, there’s probably something else going on – and it may have nothing to do with food.

Are hidden hungers blocking your path?

Melissa McCreery, Emotional Eating and Overeating TherapistImagine a life where you don’t overeat and you are in control of your cravings. The key is satisfying the 5 key hungers that keep us running back to food, even when we should “know better.”

For smart, busy, high-performing women, these 5 hungers make cravings worse, food more tempting, and, when they aren’t addressed, make it next-to-impossible to stop at just one taste or serving.

If you aren’t targeting these five hungers (that aren’t about food), no weight loss program or healthy lifestyle change has a fighting chance to be successful.