10 essential self-care questions to conquer overeating

If you’re a member of my emotional eating program you know that the theme in our community this month is loving ourselves. The love we give ourselves is deeply related to our relationship with food. We can’t have peace with food if we aren’t nourishing ourselves and giving ourselves the care that we need. If we don’t feed our spirit or respectfully care for our feelings and needs, we’re much more likely to get into habits of responding to them or numbing them with food.

How do you begin paying more loving attention to yourself? It can be a series of do-able steps.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself that will help you take better care of yourself instead of overeating

  1. What would you like more of in your life (and what’s a small step you can take today, in this direction)?
  2. How’s your energy level and what’s one step you can take to better care or nurture your energy?
  3. Are you taking time, on a regular basis, to ask yourself what you’re needing or feeling – or do you routinely gloss over these things?
  4. How will you reward yourself or celebrate when you don’t want to use food to do this?
  5. What’s stressing you out that needs to change and what’s the first, or next step to take?
  6. Where and how can you start asking for more help or support?
  7. What are you tolerating that you deserve a better solution or answer for?
  8. What will you include in your day to make you smile or laugh?
  9. Are you getting enough sleep or restful or relaxing time?
  10. How do you score yourself on the level of play and fun in your life and what’s an action you will schedule this week to improve this?

Do you want more self-care and compassion in your life? Pull out your journal and take time with these questions. Tackle one a day and see what you come up with. If you want more help and direction, join me in Your Missing Peace!

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