Why Diets Don’t Work

A huge mistake that people make when trying to overcome emotional eating and lose weight is that they go on a diet. It’s ironic, because millions of marketing dollars are spent telling us that a diet is exactly what we should do. The truth is, we know that diets don’t work. In many cases, diets … Read More

Making Changes That Last

There is little reward in making changes if the changes don’t stick. Scientists who study change know that mastering the phase of “maintenance” is a crucial part of making any successful change permanent. If we don’t develop the skills, the structures, the accountability to keep up with the changes we are making, we won’t create … Read More

Will Your Resolutions Stick?

I just heard that only 15% of people who make New Year’s resolutions manage to keep them. To be honest, that number seems a little high to me. There is a huge difference between a New Year’s intention and a well thought-out goal that is fueled by our passion and sense of purpose. Too often, … Read More