Take small steps for enduring weight loss

It’s one thing to read about the alarming increase in obesity in our country. It’s a stunning thing to see this visual depiction of the growing problem on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website—check this out: Obesity Prevalence Map Despite the millions of dollars being spent on weight loss every year, we are … Read More

Self-care takes discipline

Karly Randolph Pitman has written another great blog post about the role of discipline in establishing good self-care. It’s so easy to come to think of discipline as something we have to do–a demand imposed from the outside–that we forget that sometimes discipline can apply to things we want to do for ourselves. Discipline can … Read More

It’s February: Do your resolutions need recharging?

So how are you doing? Do you feel like you’re moving in the direction you want your life to go? Where are you in relation to your hopes and dreams and goals? Do you see yourself making steady progress in the right direction? Taking charge of emotional eating means learning to feed ourselves in ways … Read More

How NOT to overeat when you are stressed at work

A client just emailed me. She’s working through my online emotional eating program and has discovered that she’s using food to cope with her feelings at work when a task seems overwhelming. She asks: “How can I handle the stress (at work)?” Great question. Finding the right answer for you will depend on a number of … Read More