The Power of Small Steps

The demands of life are many. Believe me, I feel it too. It’s easy to get swept up by responsibilities and life expectations and distracted from our goals, our dreams and our aspirations. And sometimes, when we see where we want to go—so far off in the distance—the distance to cover can seem overwhelming. Sometimes … Read More

Do you eat because you are anxious, unhappy, stressed or lonely?

You might want to consider blogging. A new, soon to be released study concludes that people who blog feel less isolated and more satisfied with their friendships. The study tracked Myspace users who also blogged and found that after two months of social networking and blogging, participants reported feeling less anxious, depressed and stressed and … Read More

Is perfectionism sabotaging your weight loss?

Is perfectionism sabotaging your weight loss or your relationship with food? It might be. Trying to get it “perfect” can actually make emotional eating much worse. Do you wake up in the morning thinking “today is a fresh start (with food)?” Does your newest approach to eating inevitably fall apart because you’ve “blown it” and … Read More