Eat This Not That!

Taking control of our relationship with food means understanding what drives us to eat, but sometimes it also means understanding more about what we are actually eating. I picked up two books this week and my two sons (who have no interest in learning about nutrition) have continued to browse through them and challenge each … Read More

It’s time for a new relationship with food

My heart feels heavy. Self magazine has released the results of an online poll of 4000 women between the ages of 25-45. The poll was conducted in conjunction with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Sixty-five percent of the women polled reported some behaviors of disordered eating. Eating habits such as skipping meals, … Read More

Take Control of Emotional Eating and Overeating: Another Free Teleseminar!

It’s only September, and yet at my local warehouse club, the Halloween candy is displayed right next to the December holiday goodies. I’ve recently talked to two clients who want help with their emotional eating but are feeling like they need to put off taking action until “after the holidays.” I’ve seen it too often—people … Read More

Emotional Baggage, Fashion Magazines, and Emotional Eating

Last week I asked you to ask yourself what one thing you could let go of. We simply can’t do it all, but choosing which things we’ll let go of is difficult. Too often we simply avoid the question and make the choices by default. That’s not very helpful. Another thing that happens is that … Read More

What One Thing Can You Let Go Of?

As powerful as life coaching is, you better believe I get my own coaching. I’m currently a member of a fantastic Master Mind community for business owners led by the incredible business coach Kendall Summerhawk. Participating in this group has led me to some of the big ideas and projects I’m currently working on (hint: … Read More