Emotional Eating Tip of the Week: VOTE!

There is something I say so often that my coaching clients can probably quote it in their sleep. “When things feel out of control, focus on taking care of what you CAN control.” This is a much more effective strategy than our tendency to try to avoid or muffle what’s going on by overeating and … Read More

Accountability, imperfection, and success with emotional eating

Yesterday in one of my emotional eating coaching groups, as members explored what they needed to do to make effective changes with eating and weight, they each emphasized the power that their sense of accountability to the group has had. Making a commitment to take action is a first step. Telling someone EXACTLY when you … Read More

Accepting Gifts

We’re approaching a season of giving–an appropriate time of year to examine how well you allow yourself to be given to. Yes, receiving–the ability to fully accept gifts and enjoy and appreciate being given to–is an essential part of the human relationship equation. It is the complement of giving and just as important. Relationships are … Read More