The link between mindless eating, overeating and weight gain

If you still haven’t checked out Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink, I highly recommend it. Brian and his team are ingenious at finding ways to demonstrate how not paying attention to what we are eating gets us into trouble with overeating and weight gain. In a recent study they examined how aware we are of … Read More

Take control of emotional eating: failure breeds success

How often is it that your “inner perfectionist” sabotages you by telling you that you’ve “failed” so you might as well quit? Taking control of emotional eating is NOT about getting it perfect. And you don’t need to get it perfect to be a success. I love this video because it’s a great reminder that … Read More

Diets, weight loss, and success that lasts

Someone just asked me which diet I recommend for weight loss. I spend so much time writing about and helping people with emotional eating and the underlying variables related to weight struggles, that I forget how many people are still looking for the “miracle diet” that will change their weight for good. If there was … Read More

The Holiday Season – Food For Thought And A Plan For Action

Although it’s only October, the stores are already beginning to stock inventory for the holidays. No matter your religion or the holidays you observe, your winter season likely includes extra celebrations, festivities, obligations, and assorted “things to do.” It’s a season that can be filled with expectations–real heartfelt wants and dreams–and also expectations of how … Read More