Tips for avoiding emotional eating: feeding ourselves

Emotional eating and overeating often happen when we aren’t giving ourselves what we REALLY need. Food can so easily be over-used as a comfort or a replacement for something else; as consolation or as a reward. Many times we overeat because we tell ourselves that we are too busy to step back, identify what we … Read More

More good news about dark chocolate

Another great reason to eat dark chocolate! We already know (thank God!) that dark chocolate has health benefits, but it looks like the news might be even better. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen are reporting that dark chocolate is more filling than milk chocolate and may reduce cravings. Male participants were required to fast … Read More

Could playing more help you eat and stress less?

Emotional eating is a signal that life is out of balance. Emotional eating and overeating happen when we use food to try to help us manage our feelings. The triggers for emotional eating vary–we might eat to cope with loneliness, unhappiness, stress or boredom. Sometimes we eat for comfort or in an attempt to create … Read More