Lessons About Emotion Eating from Weight Loss Winners

I am truly honored to be coaching a phenomenal group of women in a program called the Weight Loss Winner’s Circle™. These women, brought together by phone and the internet from all over the country, are committed to achieving lasting success with weight loss while at the same time creating their best version of their … Read More

Creating Your Best Life: Remember to Stretch

As my body ages, I grow more aware of the power and importance of stretching. At some point, it became a necessary part of any workout. In my twenties, I could dash-and-go, but now, if I skip the post-exercise stretch, I notice it. I lose flexibility, I don’t feel as good, and my workouts aren’t … Read More

Sitting Still: A Powerful Tool for Overwhelm

Lately, I’ve been working to return to a ritual that had fallen off my plate for awhile. The ritual is claiming ten minutes of quiet stillness every morning. I don’t always do it first thing, but I am working to take ten minutes and just sit quietly with my morning coffee every morning before the … Read More

The Question That Can Get You Unstuck

The words of a coaching client have been cycling through my head lately. This woman, who is DETERMINED to get where she wants to go, ends almost every topic we visit with a very big question. “So what’s my lesson here?” Do you know how powerful that is? That question, “What’s my lesson here?” is … Read More

Join me for a free teleseminar and lighten up

Announcing my first free teleseminar of 2009 This year, my theme is THRIVING and I picked a topic to reflect it. Join me for a free teleseminar: Lighten Up: how to have more fun and increase your motivation as you make healthy lifestyle changes Creating change isn’t automatic and it isn’t always easy. However, it … Read More