Getting What You Want and Need: More Tips on Asking

There is a big difference between knowing what you want and asking for it. There is also an important distinction between asking and hinting. Unfortunately, many of us were raised in a culture that encouraged us to be less than direct about what it is we’d like to occur. I talk with many women who … Read More

Positivity: A Key Ingredient to Your Best Life

Negativity can sabotage weight loss and healthy eating efforts faster than just about anything else.  Negative self talk, your pessimistic inner critic, self-sabotaging expectations and negative emotions will bring anyone down—fast. If you are someone who uses food to cope or to comfort, you know that negativity can lead you right to your chocolate stash. … Read More

The Art of Relaxation

“Just relax.”  It sounds so simple.  And yet, for busy women who have established a habit of juggling a lot and being “in action,” relaxing often does not come automatically. To make matters worse, many of my clients tell me they feel guilty because they have a hard time relaxing. Last week I was on … Read More

Mindfulness And The Unexpected Peacock

Today was looking like a very busy day with lots of appointments and tasks. This morning I headed out for my run with a lot on my mind. I was stopped short—literally—by something I had never seen before. Standing two feet in front of me (on my front porch), and blocking my way out of … Read More