Are You Missing An Essential Ingredient?

The “secret sauce” ingredient that helps women create and stick with a plan for lasting weight loss, healthy eating and the life they want to be living. That’s what I covered in my most recent Smart Women’s Teleseminar this week: Ending Emotional Eating and Overeating Struggles–The Important Step Even Smart Women Skip I covered some … Read More

Oprah and Dr. Oz Fight Back Against Acai Product Promoters

Yesterday, Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Mehmet Oz filed suit against 40 peddlers of dietary supplements for falsely claiming that Winfrey and Oz endorsed these products.  Go Team O!  Ever since Dr. Oz praised health-promoting properties of the acai berry on Oprah’s show last year, internet marketers have been hard-selling and spamming all of us, intimating … Read More

Supermom, Frozen Meat, and a Flashback from the Seventies

Do you remember the TV show The Brady Bunch?  One of the bedrocks of this blended family of six was Alice—the somewhat wacky, miracle working, never-complaining, housekeeper/cook/home manager extraordinaire.  Dinner was always on the table, the house was always clean, and it seemed like the laundry and the grocery shopping was perpetually done. I don’t … Read More

Could Yoga Curb Your Emotional Overeating?

Mindful eating is an important tool for taking control of overeating and emotional eating. When we are mindful, we can tune in to the things we need and crave that we might be trying to replace with food.  Mindfulness encourages us to notice and attend to signals of fullness and to not eat if we … Read More

The Secret to Implementing All Those “Best Life” Tips

There are so many good tips and tools and strategies that can help us live a fuller,  more authentic and meaningful life. Tips that can lower our stress, help us lose weight, prevent overwhelm and improve our relationships. But learning about these tools and ideas and strategies just isn’t enough.  These gems are only helpful … Read More