What Would You Choose? The D-word or the Blueprint?

Why choose a healthy lifestyle blueprint over a diet? That’s part of what I talked about during my Busy Woman’s Holiday Healthy Lifestyle Blueprint teleseminar last week. Diets (the D-word): • Don’t work and don’t create permanent changes. • Are about deprivation. • Don’t work (did I say that already?) and anyway, they are almost … Read More

How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle Breakthrough

It sounds so simple. If you want to create change (i.e. achieve something you don’t currently have) you MUST do things differently. Yet so many women I work with come to me determined to create lasting healthy changes by forcing themselves to “succeed” at a plan that has failed them time and time again. If … Read More

One Big Reason That Smart Women Don’t Lose Weight

Smart women struggle with overeating and weight. Busy smart women struggle even more. It’s not motivation.  It’s not an intelligence issue.  And it’s certainly not about ability.  Even after addressing mindsets that sabotage weight loss and healthy lifestyle change, many women tell me that they still can’t get where they want to go in this … Read More