This is NOT Your Grandfather’s Telesummit

This is not your grandfather’s telesummit. No it is not. This week at the Body Mind and Business BreakthroughTelesummit we’ve covered the relationship between your fitness and your earning power, your juicy message and why you need to bring it to the world, weight loss resistance (yes! It exists!) and what to do about it, … Read More

Self-care: Are you ignoring your own advice?

Are you a hard working woman who often feels exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, or like you will never catch up or get to the fun stuff that you really want to do?  Did your latest self-improvement plan fall by the wayside because other stuff got in the way? In spite of your considerable strengths, talents, … Read More

The Link Between Your Fitness and Your Success

Today is the first day of the first Body Mind and Business Breakthrough Telesummit! If you haven’t yet grabbed a seat–please do. We’re bringing you eleven incredible experts who will be sharing their wisdom on creating your best life and your best business. You can attend at no cost, or take advantage of a few … Read More

Is Facebook Making You Feel Bad?

The other day I was updating my status on Facebook. I shared about a great run I’d just enjoyed on a particularly beautiful Saturday. As I posted it, and read tidbits about the fun my friends and colleagues were sharing, it occurred to me once again what a skewed view of the world tools like … Read More