Three Ways to Lower Your Stress—Even if You Can’t Change Your Life

As someone who coaches busy, high-achieving women, I often hear about the stress and responsibilities that are permanent realities in my clients’ lives. I also frequently hear women make the mistake that reducing stress requires a major life overhaul—something they may not feel that they have the time or even the interest in. Fortunately, this … Read More

How to Reclaim Your Mojo AND Unleash Your Inner Champion

Another Free Smart Woman’s Teleseminar (plus short audio tips for those of you with not-enough-time to listen) Life is simply TOO SHORT to be not getting where you want to go–or–to not be enjoying the ride. I’m on a mission this summer to promote thriving and to show you that it’s possible–even with a lot … Read More

Could You Use a Detox—For Your Brain or Your Life?

It’s the bane of the high-achieving woman—you probably never run out of things to do—or ideas about what you could be doing. Sometimes it’s fun. Creative high-achievers tend to be talented at creating work they love. But the constant doing can also work against you and lead to a decrease in your productivity, your focus, … Read More