Plan for Success: The Question to Ask if You Want to Thrive

Thriving means moving forward in the direction that you want to go, making necessary adjustments as you go along, being effective, and enjoying the ride. Thriving requires taking charge of your mind, your body, and your lifestyle so that they work for you. Thriving means that you are set up for success—not for struggles that … Read More

What is Your Hunger Telling You?

Which causes you to consume more calories—physical hunger and physical hunger pangs or stress, restlessness, boredom, anxiety, excitement, a need to celebrate, a desire for comfort and other emotional triggers? When WAS the last time you ate because you were physically famished? When was the last time you ate that you weren't? Emotional eating is … Read More

Eugene, Big Goals, and Putting Yourself First

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and, for all who nurture others, I hope your Mother’s Day was divine! So many women put forth a ton of energy caring for others. While that’s a beautiful thing, I ask my clients to consider what their lives would be like if they directed that same compassion … Read More

5 ways to prevent emotional eating and overeating

In the battle to lose weight, stop overeating, or break free from emotional eating, it’s important to pay attention to the things that trigger your eating to go awry. Simply focusing on what to eat misses an essential point–Your eating choices may be strongly affected by your emotions and your environment. And your food plan … Read More