The Real Way to Break Free from Overeating

Have you checked out a newsstand recently? You won’t be surprised that there are dozens and dozens of tips, plans, and miracle programs being promoted just this month to help you slim down, lose a pant size, make your butt smaller and lose your midlife muffin top. More and more women—many of you–are struggling with … Read More

Stop Worrying About Self-care

How can I fit myself in? How can I make time for me? How do I decide what to do when it ALL seems important? “How do I stop snacking when it’s the only treat I get?” These questions rotate through my email inbox on an almost daily basis. These are concerns that plague many … Read More

Emotional Eating Solutions: Free Teleclass

Are you BEYOND sick and tired of struggling with overeating, stress eating, or of being stuck on the weight loss roller coaster? Come learn what may very likely be missing from your get-healthy-lose-weight-or-stop-overeating plan. On August 31, 2011 I'm offering a free teleclass: Emotional Eating Solutions: Why One Size DOESN’T Fit All, Why Smart Women … Read More