Overeating Help for Real Life

When I surveyed readers recently, more than 90% who responded said they’d like some help with overeating and emotional eating. Real help. Smart emotional eating help that meets you where you are, that doesn’t talk down to you and that offers overeating solutions that you can implement in the midst of a busy life. I … Read More

Why You Have to Come First

“This is harder than I thought!” If you are like many smart busy women I know, you tell yourself that making you a priority should be simple. But let’s be honest, with all that you have going on, it can be a real challenge. I have a confession. When I created my Put Yourself First … Read More

Life Balance: If Oprah and Dr. Oz can’t Figure It Out Can You?

The term “life balance” comes with a lot of baggage—especially to many women who are stressed and busy balancing work, family, relationships, and more. I’ve encountered everything from anger to extreme defensiveness when I’ve brought up the term. More than one successful woman has told me “I don’t believe in life balance.” “Work-life balance is … Read More

Emotional Eating–How can I help?

It looks like it’s going to be a cold snowy week here in my part of the country. Just the right weather to tuck in and work on the brand new Emotional Eating Bite-sized Solutions program that so many of you have been asking me to create. So far I know that many of you … Read More