Spring Cleaning for Your Brain

How to get rid of mental clutter and create more success Is your brain working for you or against you these days? Whether you are trying to reduce stress, take more time for yourself, stop overeating, or simply enjoy life more, if you don’t believe you can, you probably won’t. March is National Nutrition month … Read More

Dangerous Myths About Willpower and Weight Loss

An important post about overeating, willpower, and beliefs that may be sabotaging you She called me to schedule a consultation to discuss coaching for emotional eating. Her overeating was causing her to regain weight she had worked extremely hard to lose–and she had lost a lot of weight. Like many of the high-achieving women who … Read More

Overeating and Self-sabotage: Part Two

Five More Beliefs that May be Sabotaging Your Success with Overeating When I wrote my earlier post on overeating and self-sabotage, I realized that I had just touched the surface. Creating a mindset for success is critical if you want to end overeating and create a lasting peace with food. This is also true if … Read More