Spring Cleaning: Sprucing Up

This is the fourth post in my series about spring cleaning for those of us with too much on our plates. How are you cleaning up your life, habits, and routines? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

spruce upSpring Cleaning: Sprucing up

What in your life could use a fresh coat of paint or a complete overhaul? What “spruce up” would make your life fit better?

Are you wearing clothes that make you feel good? Do the places where you spend your time create the mood you want them too? Do you take the time to cut flowers from your yard, light a candle for yourself, or sit down to a well-set table? Is that pile of papers on your desk driving you nuts?

What about relationships? Are you getting the support and friendship that you need or is this an area of your life you’d like to renovate? How’s your physical health? Do you have a healthy lifestyle plan and is it one that puts a smile on your face or is it feeling boring and tired? How could you spice things up or rejuvenate your passion? Could you use a mentor, a partner, or a new approach? What sounds like FUN?

Now’s the time to think about the new stuff you might want to bring into your life.  Don’t let this be stressful. Start by noticing what you want and make a list of all the “spruce ups” and additions that you’d like to make. Save this list. It’s fine to tackle this one step at a time.

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