4 Strategies to Stop Overeating that Work Better than Goals or Resolutions

If your New Year’s resolve to stop overeating has faltered (or taken a complete dive), the good news is, you’re completely normal. Even better, there’s real hope. Because, even though goals and resolutions are what everyone seems to focus on, they aren’t the real drivers behind changing your eating habits.

In fact, a goal or a resolution is far from the most important part of a successful approach to creating freedom from overeating and peace with food. Let’s talk about why this is, and what will enhance your progress, and your results.

A goal or a resolution is simply a declaration of what you’d like to accomplish. It’s not a plan and, most of the time, goals and resolutions don’t really include strategy. At best, goals to stop overeating and resolutions to “eat healthy” might include a long to-do list of requirements or rules that you’ve decided to be guided by. While these rules might be useful, they’re rarely motivating and frequently difficult (at least initially) to put into place.

If you’ve set goals or resolutions but you’re still stuck in patterns of overeating or emotional eating that don’t serve you, chances are that you’re missing at least one of four strategies that keep you connected to your goals and prevent you from falling off track.

Here’s a guide to how to stay connected to your goals and four strategies I recommend you implement if you aren’t creating the freedom from overeating that’s important to you.

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