4 steps to dramatically improve your results

Your thinking shapes the choices you make, the places you focus your attention, and what you do with your time, energy, feelings, and needs. Simple changes can dramatically impact your results – and your happiness.

Here are 4 ways you can use your thoughts to get better results:

1.    Own them.

You are responsible for what you fill your head with and where you sustain your focus – no one else. This can be a tough pill to swallow, but when you stop blaming others for your current thoughts and feelings, you’ll have both more responsibility, and more power.

2.    Focus on what you want more of.

Where we place our attention is where we’ll continue to place our attention. If your focus is continually on the negative – what’s not fair, what you haven’t done, where you’ve failed, or mistakes you (or others) have made, that’s the world (and the emotional environment) you’ll continue to create. Want to feel better – more vibrant, healthy, empowered, or happy? Put your attention on the things that create or enhance that feeling and that reality.

3.    Leverage positivity and gratitude.

The research on the positive impact of habitually noting what went well and what you are grateful for is clear. It makes us feel better (and it’s easy). Find a way to move your thoughts in this direction every day.

4.    Substitute dedicated thinking time for plugged-in time.

Highly successful and creative people are not plugged in 24-7. They accomplish what they do because they create space for their best selves to emerge. They spend time with their thoughts and their feelings. What could you achieve if you had a time dedicated to thinking each day? What if you had a solid ritual for noticing and attending to your feelings and needs?

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