8 calorie-free ways to feed your soul


Overwhelm and overload can be a recipe for overeating. Nourishing yourself in other non-food ways can positively impact the scale AND your life – and you don’t have to book an entire spa day to do it.

Here are 8 Calorie-free Ways to Feed Your Soul

  1. Spiff up your self-care.

    Claim “me” time (even a few minutes) on a regular basis so overwhelm and overload don’t sabotage your healthy eating intentions.

  2. Do one lovely thing for yourself—just for you—each day.

    It doesn’t have to be anything major, just lovely. When you reward yourself in other ways, rewarding yourself with food becomes less tempting.

  3. Practice feeding all of your senses, not just taste.

    Reward yourself with good smells, wonderful lotions, music that boosts your mood, or a massage or a pedicure instead of turning to food.

  4. Put yourself on your calendar.

    Schedule “me” time so it will definitely happen.

  5. Take breaks. Stop, stretch, breathe, and check in with yourself on a regular basis.

    This helps with stress, productivity, and emotional eating.

  6. Learn to say “no.”

    This reduces your stress and overload and creates space for things you’d like to say “yes” to.

  7. Practice delegating tasks and asking for help.

    Get comfortable with this by setting a goal of asking for help with at least one thing every day.

  8. Give yourself the same compassion, respect, and kindness that you’d give a close friend or family member.

    It’s time to stop being harder on yourself than you’d be on anyone else. Guilt and self-blame fuel emotional eating.



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