A Guided Visualization to Help With Emotional Eating | TMOHP Episode 030

Your overeating or emotional eating habits sit on a foundation of automatic thoughts and decisions. Changing the way you think about food or generating a belief that will help you stare down a craving can feel impossible in the moment. This is what makes guided visualizations so powerful.

When your energy or resolve feel low, or when you’d love to get a break from the soundtrack that’s rolling through your brain, or when you’d just like to be reminded of a fresh perspective or of thoughts and new directions your brain can take to move out of diet mentality, I recommend plugging yourself into a resource that can help you to guide your thinking.

This is an episode to listen to in a quiet place where you can be uninterrupted. It may be an episode that you’ll want to bookmark so that you can revisit it, again and again.

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