Are you enjoying the food you eat?

It’s the beginning of a lovely Fall day here and I’m struck by the way this season hits all the senses–the rich colors, the crisp temperatures, the crunchy leaves. .

The foods I associate with Fall are sensory treats too. Crunchy apples, warm and great smelling soups that simmer and fill the house with great smells and my stomach with warmth.

To take control of emotional eating, it’s important to work at being present when we eat. Food is NOT the enemy. Take the time to breathe deep and experience and savor the food you put into your mouth today. If you are stuck in a cycle of dieting and judgment and self-criticism, remind yourself that nourishing yourself is a positive act–an act of compassion. Choose something you are hungry for. Something that tastes really fantastic, that has the texture you crave, that really feeds your hunger. When you are ready to eat it, take your time. Practice savoring. It’s important.

Are you truly enjoying the food you eat? Do you make eating choices that leave you feeling good? Do you feel like you are in charge of your relationship with food? Tomorrow is the last day that the Emotional Eating Toolbox(tm) 28-Day Self Guided program will be available at the pre-sale discount.


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Emotional Eating Coaching Program

Your Missing Peace: The Coaching Club is the group coaching program where smart women discover their power to create freedom from overeating and peace with food – with more ease and joy than they ever thought possible.

If you’re a smart, busy, high-achiever who’s tired of going in circles with overeating and emotional eating, and you're ready to create results that last, check out The Club today!

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