Are You Overlooking the Healthy Lifestyle “Easier” Button?

EasyButtonYou already know—when it comes to weight loss and most other healthy lifestyle changes, there is no “Easy” button. However, there are definitely strategies and tools that can remove a lot of the struggle and make the process feel a whole lot better.

Why is it that when we are struggling the most, when we feel the most unsure or the most helpless, or the most overwhelmed, we pull back and isolate instead of asking for help?

For smart savvy women struggling with food, weight, and overwhelm, the reason is often shame. Our unhelpful inner critic tells us we “shouldn’t” be struggling, we “should” be able to figure this out, and we “shouldn’t” have to ask for help.

As a result, too many women don’t utilize one of the most effective tools for creating lifestyle change, permanent weight loss, lasting motivation, decreased self doubt, increased confidence, and a life that works better for them. The tool I’m referring to: high quality support. I’ve already blogged about what real support includes, my challenge to you is to practice engaging it.

Human Pyramid1. Practice asking for help. This includes delegating, asking others to honor your needs, and allowing your support system to help you reach your goals.
2. Learn how to reach out when you don’t know what you need.
Did you know that you can ask someone, “How can you help me?” You can also describe your problem, need or dilemma to someone you trust and ask them to help you brainstorm solutions. Too often we believe we need to have the answers before we reach out.
3. Know and honor your support style but be open to trying new things. Some people gravitate towards groups or classes and others thrive with a close relationship with a coach or mentor. Respect what you know works for you.
4. Extend your personal lifestyle support system to include people who know more than you or who are a few steps ahead. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel and they’ll help you stretch.
5. Ask for support in new situations. Put a sticky note somewhere you will see it with the question, “Who can help me with this?” When you start to feel stressed, practice asking the question. Don’t worry if you don’t always have an answer.

This week, I challenge you to examine your stance towards support. Are you letting it in? Asking for it? Demanding the quality of support that you really need to thrive?

Take good care,


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