Overeating: when you know a lot, but don’t see results

“Been there, done that.” That might be what you’ve been thinking if you’ve been on the overeating roller coaster for a while now. You aren’t new to this stuff – at all. You’ve read more books, subscribed to podcasts, heard the talks, and joined the programs. You may be wondering if there’s anything else for you to learn or know about the topic. Maybe you’ve told yourself “no more programs” and are hoping that someday, eventually, you’ll implement it all on your own.

I totally get it. It’s easy to become an expert at the thing you want to be good at without actually seeing the success that you want. It’s especially easy when we’re talking about changing your eating and your relationship with food.

You might be able to talk a lot about the best way of eating for you, but there’s a gap between seeing it and doing it. I know how frustrating this can be.

So let’s talk about reaching your goal with overeating, or your weight, in a way you might not have considered yet.

It’s almost impossible to permanently change the way you eat if you haven’t changed the relationship you have with food.

Your relationship with food is the WHY. Your relationship with food explains why you reach for food when you aren’t really hungry. Why you might mindlessly pile seconds on your plate. Why you automatically end up staring into the refrigerator every time you get bored or why eating healthy seems impossible when you’re stressed or busy.

Your relationship with food includes things like perfectionism, fear of failure (or success), being too hard on yourself, or beliefs about how deprived you may feel if you make any lasting changes. Does it feel like food is comfort? Or love? Or the best, easy reward that you know of? THIS is your relationship with food in action.

You can be an expert on HOW to eat, but if you don’t have a relationship with food that supports the changes you want to make, overeating will always return.

THIS is the major reason that the smartest high achievers I’ve worked with were struggling with overeating. You know plenty, but you probably need something else. For many women, it’s specific support, guidance, and a process that focuses on what’s really behind the eating.

You can’t have a conversation with a book or a podcast. None of us can see our own blind spots (and our relationships with food are filled with unconscious beliefs, assumptions, and stories we don’t even know we are telling ourselves). Each year I work with a few women to help them create a new, better, easier relationship with food. If you want to learn more about working with me privately, in a way you probably haven’t tried yet, click here to learn more.

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