Being Your Best: 5 Ways To Prepare For Fall – Dressed Up and Ready to Go

j0438909Last post I talked about how putting some strategy in place around daylight can make a big difference in the way you feel about the fall and winter seasons.  Here are a few more tips I’ve found to be very helpful as well.

2. Come Out of the Closet. Want to feel better instantly? Put on something fabulous. Something you love. Question for you: what would be different about your wardrobe if you were to dress like you were a smashing, thriving, success—all the time? Too many women have closets full of shopping mistakes they regret, fat and thin clothes, “hiding out” clothes and other clutter. You’ve probably heard the challenge—but what if you were to take it? What if you were to eliminate every article of clothing that you don’t feel fabulous in? I dare you. If that sounds too radical, aim for getting rid of half of the “non-fabulous” stuff. Now, take stock. Look at what you love and notice what you need more of.  What colors and fabrics and styles put you in your groove? Consider buying something wonderful for days when you need an extra boost or an extra hour of sleep. It can be your secret weapon.

Please note: if you are someone struggling with food or weight, wanting to weigh less than you do now is not an excuse to wear baggy, dreary, unattractive clothing. Dress like the woman you want to be and you’ll be amazed how much more she’ll show up.

3.     Set a goal. Life is too short to wait for January and the New Year. Consider breaking your season up into 30 day segments and setting some goals. What do you want to accomplish by the first of each month? Make your goals tangible and concrete—“I want to be able to walk up that hill without getting out of breath” is a better goal than “I want to get into shape.” Setting goals will energize you–as long as they are meaningful (to you) and do-able. Now plug these into your calendar with some action steps for each week. Does this feel overwhelming? That’s a sign that your goal is too big. Back it down a notch, cut it in half, or extend your time line.

Don’t skip the most important step. After you’ve designed some goals, it’s time to create the rewards and celebrations. How will you commemorate your accomplishments? What’s the prize that you are dangling in front of yourself? Be creative, and if you are someone who struggles with tooting your own horn, ask a friend for help or suggestions.

My final post in this series will go over how a bit of planning can go a long way towards a happy and prosperous fall season.

Take good care,


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