Being Your Best: 5 Ways To Prepare For Fall – See the Light

Does the start of a new season signify a new beginning for you? Many people see September as a time to “get back at it,” take on a new challenge, or revamp some area of their lives. Unfortunately, you know what they say about “good intentions” . . . the road to h-e-double-hockey-sticks or not, good intentions simply aren’t enough.

Wouldn’t it be great to start every season with a retreat—an opportunity to rejuvenate, clarify, and set your course for the next few months?  I think so. However, the transition time between seasons is an opportune time to take stock, regroup, and set your course for the season ahead even if you can’t manage a getaway.

Here are five do-at-home tips to help you create more ease and flow and to thrive in the season ahead.

1. Lighten Up. In the northern hemisphere, we’re heading into the darkest season of the year. Changes in daylight hours can affect everything from energy to eating habits to activity choices for many women, and that can have a huge impact on your goals and how you feel. If you haven’t already, it’s important to consider how the shorter days affect you.candle-light

Is it time to rethink your fitness routine (or find a partner who likes the dark mornings)? Would it benefit you to schedule some things in the evening to get you out of the house and keep you from going into hibernation mode? If you tend to overeat, what other kinds of self-nurturing would soothe your soul? What are the appealing aspects of the light changes? If fall is when you go back to lighting candles, now is the time to stock up. By the way, candles aren’t the only way to play with the light. There are a variety of full spectrum lights, lamps and light box options that allow you to increase the amount of light in your life. My personal favorite is a sunrise alarm clock that gradually lightens the room so that you awaken to light. It sure beats a buzzer going off in the pitch-black darkness!

Finally, if the light changes drastically affect your mood, know that Seasonal Affective Disorder is real and it’s treatable. Don’t hesitate to contact a therapist who can help you find a customized solution so that you can feel and function better.

I hope you’ll watch for my next post where I’ll share some low-cost or no-cost solutions to boosting your energy during the coming months.

Take good care,


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