Take the Bite out of the Holidays

holidays and life balance

Is your head filled with visions of sugar plums or to-do lists (and what IS a sugar plum anyway?)?

I’d like to offer you a pre-emptive, pro-active gift: you are invited to a no-cost, end-of-year teleclass: Staying Balanced, Calm, and Sane During the Holidays – 3 Simple Ways to Finish this Year with Grace and Ease.


I see it every year….too many women starting the New Year exhausted, stressed out, unhappy, and glad to be leaving the holiday season behind.

I’m really sick of it. Why should you have to pull yourself up out of a hole on January 1st?  Why do so many women feel defeated before the season even starts?

It’s just not right.

I know that December presents a lot of challenges, but I’m frustrated by how many people feel ineffective during a season that is supposed to be about love and joy and giving. Too many people are sacrificing their own wellbeing, health, and peace for a holiday season that gets longer every year!

“I’ll start again after the holidays.”

“I’m going to get serious about me in January.”

“I’ll join a gym as a part of my New Year’s resolution….”

Don’t get me wrong—I know it’s hard to stay on track, to honor your priorities, and to keep your life balanced during this busy time. That’s why I’m offering this invitation.

I’d like to make it easier. There ARE some things you can do to stay balanced, calm, and sane, and NOW is the time to start.

Will you join me for a free teleclass? I can’t turn the tide of the whole world, but I want to do what I can to help you have the best holiday season possible. Join me on December 4, at 1pm Eastern (noon Central, 11am Mountain, and 10am Pacific). I’ll be sharing 3 simple ways to finish this year with grace and ease.

Short, sweet, and do-able. I promise.

Just go here to register: https://toomuchonherplate.com/free-teleseminar/

Space is limited on this call, so register today.

Take good care,
Melissa McCreery

2 thoughts on “Take the Bite out of the Holidays

  1. Melissa, I had my first opportunity today to give something the “hell, yes!” test — and fail it! Best of all, it was an extra activity at work, not something Christmas-related; so the technique is also a great way to keep my energy directed to the work tasks that matter. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Woohoo! Glad it worked for you. I find it’s an easy way to sort through all the stuff that collects in my head and create easy “piles” and priorities. I think if we had a gauge on our forehead that measured all the time and energy we give to unimportant stuff, we’d be shocked!

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