How to make up your mind to stop overeating

I used to believe that if I wanted to stop overeating or change my health or my weight, all I had to do was make up my mind to do it. Making up my mind was a simple thing – one decision. I’d clench my fists, screw up my determination and my just-do-it attitude, and … Read More

Joy and overeating

Joy and overeating have an interesting relationship. It’s complicated. Most people think overeating has something to do with pleasure – or joy.   “It tastes good.” “I don’t want to stop.” “I couldn’t say no – I didn’t want to be deprived.” A part of our brain tells us that overeating is about enjoying tasty … Read More

Creating change when nothing has worked

How to change overeating when othing has worked

What are you waiting for? We wait. We procrastinate because we’re overwhelmed or unsure of ourselves. We bog ourselves down in perfectionism and devise plans related to “the right time to start.” And we wait for the stars to align. We convince ourselves we aren’t ready, or we numb ourselves with busy work, online surfing, … Read More

How visualization can help you create peace with food

Are you trying to create peace with food with one hand tied behind your back, or are you leveraging one of your most easily accessed assets? Visualization is a high-performance tool that’s been used to create success in numerous fields, and it’s been sadly under-utilized (or poorly applied) when it comes to helping people take … Read More

10 reasons not to postpone self-care during tough times

The term “self-care” is tossed around a lot these days, but it’s not just a trendy or hollow concept. In fact, it’s an essential life skill that’s intimately connected to our health, happiness, and wellbeing. The presence or absence of quality self-care also dramatically impacts our leadership abilities, our confidence, our creativity, the strength of … Read More