What it really takes to stop emotional eating and overeating

If you’ve spent much time around me, you’ve definitely heard me talk about goals and the importance of being clear about what you want. In fact, creating that clarity is often a task that people focus on at the beginning of the year. This year, I’m going to challenge you to do it differently. See, … Read More

The foundation you need to stop overeating

One of my plans this year is to make more videos. Making videos challenges my perfectionism on every level – from the technology to the habits I notice when I see myself on video, to the way my earrings were distracting or my funny expressions. I’m not letting perfectionism stop me though, because this is … Read More

Why and how I failed

I’ll admit it, this year, all the hype about the New Year really didn’t resonate with me. Research shows we’re more likely to notice the negative than the positive, and at the end of the last year, I had some negative outcomes – goals I hadn’t accomplished – that my mind kept returning to – … Read More

6 tips for creating habits that last

Here’s a big mistake that lots of smart women make in January: they focus on goals. There’s nothing wrong with a great, exciting, juicy goal (and the anticipation of accomplishing it), but … Without a solid, achievable framework for executing the steps required, a goal is simply a dream. Click To Tweet This missing foundation … Read More

Avoiding holiday stress and emotional eating: Practice simple self-care

This busy season, I’m sharing a series of simple, habit-building challenges for staying in touch with the spirit of the holidays and avoiding overwhelm, stress, and emotional eating. Create these habits and routines now, and you’ll also be building a strong foundation for your year ahead. Your next holiday habit: simple self-care If you aren’t … Read More