The way out of the comfort eating trap (step one)

Have you downloaded your free cheat sheet yet – Alternatives to Comfort Eating: 30 Ways to Soothe Without Food? I’m not going to gloss over it, comfort eating can be a tricky habit to break. Reaching for something to eat when you’re in need of comfort is a habit that’s especially seductive for smart, busy … Read More

Comfort Eating and the No Good, Very Bad Week

I’m writing this at the end of a one hundred percent certified, no good, very bad week. By the time you’re reading this, things will be better (it’s my self-care policy to never impulsively hit “send” or “publish” on anything until the bleak period has passed), but right now, I’m just happy to say that … Read More

Busting the myth of comfort eating

This week I’m releasing my brand new course – Break the Comfort Eating Habit. I’m thrilled with the feedback I’ve received, and happy to report that participants are already sharing one powerful takeaway. Many are finding this “aha” surprising, and it’s causing a big change in their approach toward comfort eating. I want to share … Read More

Breaking out of the slump: Your 3 thing self-care challenge

February can be a slump month. The weather’s not great in many parts of this hemisphere, and we’re in a post-holiday, post-resolution, place in the year. In case you’re feeling a little blue, or slumpy, or just not that jazzed, I thought I’d share an easy three step,  feel-good challenge to help shift things around … Read More

4 Strategies to Stop Overeating that Work Better than Goals or Resolutions

If your New Year’s resolve to stop overeating has faltered (or taken a complete dive), the good news is, you’re completely normal. Even better, there’s real hope. Because, even though goals and resolutions are what everyone seems to focus on, they aren’t the real drivers behind changing your eating habits. In fact, a goal or … Read More