Avoiding holiday stress and emotional eating: Savoring

This busy season, I’m sharing a series of habit-building challenges for staying in touch with the spirit of the holidays and avoiding overwhelm, stress, and emotional eating. Create these habits and routines now, and you’ll also be building a strong foundation for your year ahead.   Savoring Today’s habit-building challenge for avoiding holiday overwhelm and … Read More

Growth mindset: how to nourish success with possibility

Hope and possibility are two of my favorite words. They are load-lighteners. Hope and possibility free up energy. They lift moods. They create change. Unfortunately, if you’re someone trying (unsuccessfully) to make changes, your mind might not be your strongest ally in creating hope and possibility. In the trainings I’ve shared in the last few … Read More

How what we know about relationships can change your overeating

If you struggle with overeating or emotional eating, a piece of the puzzle that you might not consider is the way that you treat yourself. Food is a tricky little devil, and overeating and emotional eating crop up in all sorts of ways. We use eating as a means to take care of ourselves and … Read More

How to make up your mind to stop overeating

I used to believe that if I wanted to stop overeating or change my health or my weight, all I had to do was make up my mind to do it. Making up my mind was a simple thing – one decision. I’d clench my fists, screw up my determination and my just-do-it attitude, and … Read More

Joy and overeating

Joy and overeating have an interesting relationship. It’s complicated. Most people think overeating has something to do with pleasure – or joy.   “It tastes good.” “I don’t want to stop.” “I couldn’t say no – I didn’t want to be deprived.” A part of our brain tells us that overeating is about enjoying tasty … Read More