10 Strategies to Stop Overeating

Recently, while skimming through magazines in my dentist’s waiting room, I came across one of those articles I’m sure you’ve read a thousand times: Ten Ways to Stop Overeating. As I read through the list I got irritated, because this list was entirely unhelpful. The advice was the typical “sit on your hands and ignore … Read More

What to do when you’re disappointed with your results

When you aren’t achieving what you want to, either because you can’t seem to get started, or because, in spite of your best efforts, the results just aren’t showing up, it’s discouraging. Lots of people set out to lose weight or get more active at the start of the year. Most of us want less … Read More

4 steps to break free from the emotional eating trap

The emotional eating habit can be a tough one to break -especially if you’re going about it the wrong way. Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of smart women do. Trying to muscle through and “just not give in to emotional eating” isn’t a strategy that tends to work when the strongest triggers hit. For most … Read More

How to make this year the year you finally make peace with food

Make Peace with Food

It’s January – a new year! A lot of smart, busy women have a conflicted relationship with this new year thing. We make big goals. We have big plans. Maybe you head back to the overcrowded gym or buy another self-help book. Social media is filled with inspiration and ways to “get started.” This is … Read More

What’s your system?

Recently I’ve been hooked by Marie Kondo and the decluttering system she shares in her new Netflix series and her book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up. After watching a few episodes, I was charmed to find my husband folding his T-shirts “the Marie way” and here’s a picture of some of the progress we … Read More