The most effective strategy to take control of emotional eating

Emotional eating can be a powerful habit, and overcoming it can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way.  There’s a simple strategy that you can leverage to take control of emotional eating. Used correctly, this strategy can be your power tool. It allows you to focus your effort with laser-like precision, it helps … Read More

10 ways to outsmart a craving


You’ve probably had your fill of tips on how to deny or ignore a craving. Keeping busy and reminding yourself of your goal doesn’t really cut it when your brain is swirling with images of chocolate and peanut butter or a large order of French fries. Self-control might get you through a moment, but as … Read More

Overeating and transitions

Honoring transitions does not have to take a lot of time, but doing so can have a big impact. The first step is identifying them—being aware of the places in your life where you have to shift gears and the problems you encounter when you do.

How to combine vacation, mindful eating, and peace with food

How you eat on vacation just might tell you why you’re spinning in circles with overeating. When it comes to overeating, vacation is something a lot of women approach like the holiday season. They see overeating as inevitable and vacation as a reason to hit pause on plans for tackling it. “Losing weight is on … Read More

Should you own your overwhelm?

Overwhelm is a very popular word these days. We’re all using it, and too many of us are feeling it. Our culture seems to nurture it. Everyone agrees it’s not a good thing (although more and more people seem to express it like a badge of honor – “Oh my God, I’m just SO overwhelmed!!!”) … Read More