The one thing you MUST do to stop emotional overeating

If you were asked to list everything you think you should, could, or might do to take control of your overeating or emotional eating, I’m betting you could fill a few lines (or perhaps a few pages). We’ve all heard more advice about healthy eating than we can possibly digest. But there’s one key strategy … Read More

5 steps to stop comfort eating at night

Resorting to comfort eating at night – hunkering down with a bowl of ice cream or a salty snack at the end of the day – is a pattern many smart, busy women struggle with. When you’ve worked hard all day, especially if there hasn’t been much time for you, it’s natural to want a reward, … Read More

How to stop overeating? Start here.

So many women I talk with are beyond sick and tired of battling the scale and their “self-control.” Their plans to stop overeating and lose weight have become battles of willpower and discipline that they can control for a while – until they either lose motivation, or get distracted, or feel like it’s just too … Read More