How to decide what to eat

On dealing with weight loss information overload . . . We live in a world where it’s easier than ever to access information. When it comes to facts, research, and theories about nutrition, there’s more than enough available to overwhelm your brain. How do you sort it out? How do you decide what to eat? … Read More

Step into your power

When I feel stuck, there is a simple ritual I like to do (when I’m not so stuck that I forget to do it). By simple I mean really simple. Because when I’m feeling stuck or overloaded or overwhelmed, a complicated plan of attack is just not going to happen. So here’s the ritual. I … Read More

Free Training: REAL Emotional Eating Solutions

On September 5, I’m hosting a no-cost training event where I’ll be sharing my views on the truth about emotional eating and overeating and how to break free from struggles with food and weight. I’ll be addressing many of the questions and challenges many of you shared with me in a recent survey and you’ll be able to attend this event from anywhere in the world—by phone, Skype, or via your internet connection.