Two strategies to make holiday eating work for you

Welcome to the season of holiday eating. It’s a time of treats, memory and emotional-laden indulgences, and once-a-year temptations. The candy dishes and cookie trays and holiday parties are everywhere until January (when the world becomes obsessed with controlling your weight and selling you success with not eating). Are you wondering how to enjoy holiday … Read More

Your diet will fail you – this won’t

The old formula for weight loss sounds simple – “eat less, move more.” Yet many smart, busy women – high-achievers in most areas of their lives – are frustrated with their lack of success with lasting weight loss. It’s not for lack of trying. Many of my clients feel like they have been living on a hamster wheel – … Read More

15 Ways to Eat Less, Stress Less, and Take Charge of Your Cravings

  If you are yo-yo dieting or stuck in cycles with overwhelm, overload, and overeating, it’s easy to fall back on familiar habits that keep things the same, or even make things worse. Although it may be hard to believe, small changes really do make a difference. Here are 15 Ways to Eat Less, Stress … Read More

Why smart, busy women overeat (the BEAST cycle)

In yesterday’s free training, I shared my Where Thin Begins framework for breaking out of vicious cycles and stuck spots with overeating and weight. Breaking free from these cycles begins by understanding that they are caused by important factors that have nothing to do with food – but everything to do with why you’re overeating … Read More