How What We Know About Relationships Can Change Your Overeating

If you struggle with overeating or emotional eating, a piece of the puzzle that you might not consider is the way that you treat yourself. Food is a tricky little devil, and overeating and emotional eating crop up in all sorts of ways. We use eating as a means to take care of ourselves and … Read More

How visualization can help you create peace with food

Are you trying to create peace with food with one hand tied behind your back, or are you leveraging one of your most easily accessed assets? Visualization is a high-performance tool that’s been used to create success in numerous fields, and it’s been sadly under-utilized (or poorly applied) when it comes to helping people take … Read More

A low stress way to eat less

What would you say if I told you there’s a strategy that can cut overeating in half – or maybe even more? It’s simple: If you want to get off the overeating hamster wheel, you have to ditch the all or nothing thinking. All or nothing thinking is when you tell yourself that you have … Read More